Monday 22 February 2021

Pentagon FOIA on Debris

One of the most interesting media spots about the AATIP/TTSA revelations is Luis Elizondo describing to Tucker Carlson the physical evidence that the programme gathered during the six years it operated, see: The UFOlogy blogger Anthony Bragalia (sometimes written "Bragaglia") sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Defence Intelligence Agency to see if he could dig up any more details on the material. What he got in reply was astonishing. There are five documents, 154 pages in all, available on the subject. All but eleven were withheld by exemption clauses, but those eleven are interesting enough. They describe what they call "metamaterials", a term I previously only heard in interviews Andrew Johnson did with several experts, see: The eleven pages describe their remarkable properties and also suggest practical applications for them, like space exploration. The documents are jargon-heavy and obviously part of a scientific study, but it's pretty clear that this is the same stuff that Elizondo is referring to in the interview. Other people such as Bob Bigelow, who was directly involved in the programme, know about this. This could be the strange material handled by Dr Jesse Marcel Jr in July 1947. The published pages do not say anything about the origin of the metamaterials, but Dr Irena Scott has confirmed that there is no known manufacturing of objects like this, see: This means that either the material was made in secret, in which case it would not come to the attention of a UFO investigation project, or it was not made on earth and was instead made elsewhere and was found on earth. The Pentagon said in the first release that they had found it from a "UAP" source, but then backpedaled in a "Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer" way. Source: and: I wonder what is in the other 143 pages of the documents that are too hot for FOIA.
I feel we're heading in a specific direction. I'll be covering certain developments in more detail in the coming days and weeks, but we have a new probe on Mars called Perseverance. Gareth Davies of the Mind Set Podcast was wondering if it might "discover" life on Mars, either past or present; so planting the seed of an idea in people's minds about alien life, see: This would mark the end of another cover-up because previous missions to Mars have sent back data indicating life forms that have been ignored by the authorities, see: We also have Breakthrough Listen detecting another possible "WOW" signal, this time from Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to earth. This is far from certain, but the very fact it's being talked about is significant, see: There is also a new series on History about Roswell. Maj. Jesse Marcel Dr's diary has been found by an ex-CIA officer. It is presented by Laurence Fishburne, Morpheus from The Matrix, see: Like in 2017, I once again feel a momentum building up. Where will it end?...
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