Wednesday 13 July 2022

Kemi for PM

Previously I have written that the most galling factor of Boris Johnson's downfall is that the only people who could replace him are far, far worse. But I am happy to discover that this is not true. Six candidates have been nominated to succeed BoJo and along with the usual establishment centrists are a few outsiders, the most impressive of which is Kemi Badenoch. I consider Kemi Badenoch to be the British equivalent of Candace Owens. She is renowned for her composed and tenacious debating style; and there are many videos of her in Parliament coolly eviscerating an opposition wokie. The looks on her enemies faces are a treat because these are people who are accustomed to replying with the fail-safe cut-out response: "But what would you know? You're a privileged white male!" Kemi pushes them out of that shelter into an open space where they are forced to address her points, not her skin colour and sex. Therefore I was electrified when I found out she had won a nomination to run for Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. Her manifesto is everything Boris should have done and didn't. She has a serious workable plan to end the migrant crisis. She will abolish Net Zero, the British role in globalist deindustrialization, see here for more details: She is a free speech promoter and will campaign to repeal Section 230, the ridiculous and tyrannical Clown World law that has caused some people to receive huge fines and even imprisonment for nothing worse than telling an edgy joke, see here for more information:
Kemi Bedenoch is a contradictory figure. She herself is a product of post-World War II internationalism, being the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. Shortly after her birth, her family returned to her ancestral homeland where she grew up in Lagos, Nigeria's capital. Her early adulthood was working class and she was a burger bar vendor for a while. All this time she studied at an FE college until she could enrol at the University of Sussex to learn IT engineering. Her racial background will be enough to deter many figures in the dissident right from supporting her. It is true that the New World Order agenda itself has caused her to be living in Britain and becoming a citizen of the country in the first place; but I consider that a sweet irony. There is no law forcing black people to be leftist SJW thugs. Kemi has chosen a different side out of conviction. We don't choose who we are, but we all choose what we do. I find my own position related to Kemi very ironic. I'm a white heterosexual male, but there is no present candidate for government leader I would feel safer living under, or my demographic will be safer living under, than Kemi Badenoch. I can see the hilarious headlines now in the alt-right Telegram groups: "KEMI BADENOCH SAVES THE WHITE RACE!" Kemi is an outsider on the extremes of her party, not unlike Jeremy Corbyn was before 2015. Can she win like he did? She has been criticized for her lack of experience; she has never been a cabinet minister. I would probably say this fact leans in her favour. What was the first political office Donald Trump stood for?... Exactly! Her youth is also a concern; she is forty-two. That is quite young to be an MP, let alone PM; but look where all the old gits have led us. How has the United States benefited from the antediluvian Joe Biden? Does Kemi have a chance? The entire establishment is currently backing Rishi Sunak. He is the Hillary Clinton of this election, to use yet another American analogy. Still, look what happened to Hillary; beaten by a populist. It therefore is possible for an upset. Sunak's victory is not a foregone conclusion. Another reason to hope Kemi Badenoch becomes Prime Minister would be the look on Diane Abbott's face; in fact I would say that reason alone is suffice. Diane Abbott believes that becoming the first "Black!" "Woman!" Prime Minister is her birthright. If another typical Labour luvvie got in there first she would be furious, but in this case it would be a "Tory fascist!" She would belch fire for weeks! I must admit, it is a long shot, but if Kemi wins this fight we will see a new 2016. Boris Johnson got Brexit done and won a general election landslide. He had the will to do good and all the power he needed in his hands; but at that moment, the very moment of his triumph, he dropped everything and dived into the swamp. If he is not brave enough to take on this quest, give it to somebody else who is. Kemi Badenoch deserves a chance. I urge the Conservative MP's and members to elect her as leader, of their party and this nation.
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