Saturday 2 July 2022

Happy World UFO Day!

Today, July the 2nd, is World UFO Day. This is because it is thought the Roswell crash happened around that date. Some people, a minority, time it according to Kenneth Arnold's sighting on June the 24th 1947 and so celebrate that date as World UFO Day. See: My own standard practice is to mark July the 8th as a special day; it is World Disclosure Day because that was the day the Roswell Daily Record reported that a "flying disk" had been captured. Of course that story was overturned by the following day. I won't be able to publish anything on HPANWO this July the 8th because I'll be speaking at a live event in Wiltshire, see: Therefore I will instead wish you a very happy World UFO Day. It is seventy-five years since Kenneth Arnold and Roswell. Can we get Disclosure before it's a three figure number and so end the Truth Embargo after less than a century? Hope so. In fact I think we will easily, long beforehand!
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