Wednesday 6 July 2022

Boris is Finished

A few weeks ago, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a Commons vote of no-confidence, see: I said at the time that this would probably not be the end of the matter and I was right; except that things are moving faster than I expected. In the last forty-eight hours no less than nineteen Conservative ministers have resigned. The most prominent of these are the two cabinet members, Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Three other party officers have also quit, most significantly Bim Afolami, the Tory vice-chairman. This list is growing as I write. The reasons are accumulative. Partygate, of course; but on top of that, further revelations that the PM deceived his colleagues over his lockdown frolics. However, the cherry on the cake was when it was revealed that BoJo had appointed one of his MP's to Deputy-Chief Whip, a position in Parliament responsible for internal discipline, when he knew this man was under police investigation for two alleged sexual assaults. It doesn't help that the MP's name is almost comically apt for such a criminal: Chris Pincher. Today the 1922 Committee is meeting, allowing backbench Tories to discuss the issue freely. It is possible they will organize more action against Boris, such as changing the rules to allow a second no confidence vote. Boris is currently doubling down, holding a cabinet reshuffle to fill the vacant slot left by Javid and Sunak, but he must know deep down that this is futile. His downfall is inevitable and will possibly happen within days, maybe even hours. Source:
Boris Johnson has nobody to blame for this but himself. He was a man who had everything. He got Brexit done and then won an election with a huge majority. He had the power to do so much good for the country and the world beyond; he could have truly been the British Trump. But he threw it away; he threw is all away for nothing. He now faces the disgrace he deserves. Will his ego allow him to quit willingly or will he have to be dragged out of Number Ten feet first like Margaret Thatcher was? There's talk of a snap general election. If there is one, it will go very differently to the 2019 one. There will be a record low turnout and the results will be about as predictable as a coin toss. Who wins or loses will be pretty much irrelevant. The country is facing a massive economic crash, plus any other crisis the Deep State have waiting in the wings. A Labour government would mean Keir Starmer will be PM, a man who has hypocritically committed the same offences as Boris, see: The "rejoin alliance" will emerge to reverse Brexit; but then again, it is probably just as likely to emerge with a Tory victory too. Sorry, readers, but the political forecast for the United Kingdom in the next few years look very grim and stormy.
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