Friday 22 July 2022

Sky King Update

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Some new CCTV footage has been released to the media revealing more information about the last day in the life of Richard Russell. It shows him arriving for work at Sea-Tac and passing through security. He was wearing a T-shirt with the words: "the sky's no limit" on it, which is sadly appropriate considering what happened later. The next clip is very interesting because you can see clearly that the Dash 8 airliner is not on the taxiway ready to go, it was parked up at a gate. Russell is driving a tug and he has actively to attach it to the plane's landing gear and move it into position, as he would normally during the course of his duties. After he detaches his tug the aircraft rolls forward as if it's on a gentle slope without brakes engaged. Russell then runs up to the door and boards the empty plane. Five minutes later he takes off and the rest we know about. Source: and:
There still appears to be no evidence that Richard Russell planned his actions in advance, despite his T-shirt and how he got the Dash 8 moving. The witnesses both at the airport and in his home life report that he was behaving normally that day up until that moment. I've been reading testimony from survivors of their own suicide attempts. For some people it is a calm and calculated decision after a long period of consideration, but for others it was something spontaneous. This does not mean that all the forces that drive a person to end their own life appeared at once, just that they existed subconsciously up until that moment. Suicide in the Western world is now the biggest killer of adult men below the age of forty-five and women below the age of thirty-four. As I ask in the above background article and in its comments section, what is it about our world that has suddenly made ordinary life so unbearable? We must all be passing functional depressives on the street every day. Many of those bereaved by suicide state that they had no warning in advance that their loved one was going to kill themselves. The only reason Russell is so famous is the extravagant method of his suicide. He is outnumbered by millions who poison themselves, sever their own blood vessels or jump in front of trains; and therefore never make the news. Richard Russell was a white male in his late twenties, the highest risk demographic. Because of feminism and wokery, the spike among white men that has risen above the general increase is met with indifference, at best. At worst, it is even celebrated. Perhaps if we were less isolated from each other we would be able to help our friends and family with their secret torments before it is too late. To have an impact that would involve enormous social reform, but such a movement starts with individuals making decisions; like the magnificent Don Richie, a man whose house was beside a suicide hotspot in Australia. He saved countless lives simply by approaching those desperate and on the brink and inviting them into his home for a cup of tea. Source: None of us are helpless and even the choices one person makes can have undreamt of effects. As Michael Jackson sang: "I'm starting with the man in the mirror."
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