Sunday 27 December 2020

George Blake Dies

George Blake
11th November 1922 to 26th December 2020
The famous super spy George Blake has died. Born George Behar in the Netherlands in 1922, he moved to England after World War II and joined the intelligence agency SIS. However during his posting to Korea he witnessed the brutal war of the early 1950's and its horrors converted him to Marxism. His cover was blown in 1961 and he was imprisoned. However he broke out of jail in 1966 in one of the most notorious prison escapes in history. He then was trafficked to Russia, then the Soviet Union, where he was granted political asylum. He lived there for the rest of his life. He was never able to travel home to Britain because he would be arrested and returned to prison the moment he arrived. Along with the Cambridge spies; Kim Philby, Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess, John Cairncross and Donald Maclean, he is the most infamous double agent in history. The reason he has come to my attention is because I made a HPANWO TV film about him, see: On Boxing Day 2020 the Russian news outlet RIA Novosti announced that Blake had died. He was ninety-eight years old and, like James Randi, see:, passed away from age-related conditions. President Vladmir Putin paid tribute to him, calling him "a brilliant professional of special vitality and courage" who made an "invaluable contribution to ensuring strategic parity and maintaining peace on the planet". However in this documentary Blake clearly is nervous about Putin. Blake's asylum in modern Russia was getting precarious at the time, see here in the last scene: Blake's deception during the Cold War led to the exposure of many western agents operating inside the Soviet bloc. Unlike Blake, who was treated with humanity and simply locked away in prison, these agents were tortured until they gave up their information and then shot.

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