Monday 24 October 2022

Calvine Clown's Day Off

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I've given Dr David Clarke a lot of stick over the years, but he really needs to be congratulated in his recent effort to restore the Calvine UFO photograph to public attention. Since his initial news drop he has managed to gain an official response from the government via his MP Louise Haigh, who is also the Shadow Secretary of State for Transport. She contacted the Ministry of Defence and received a reply from the Armed Forces and Veterans Minister James Heappey. He said the only information about this incident are the documents already available in the National Archives; this is because of its "historic nature", meaning they threw out the files that were getting too old... Do you really believe that? One of his predecessors at the MoD, Nicholas Soames, claims the incident is "of no defence significance". That's odd considering it's an unknown aircraft operating in British airspace. Heappey did not confirm or deny whether there was an RAF scramble as a result of the incident in question, but he did give this rather shady and contradictory statement: "While we are aware that the existence or otherwise of a 'secret American Aurora aircraft' was linked to this alleged event, with a number of theories suggesting that it was this aircraft that was allegedly seen, this is not a matter for the MoD, rather it would be a matter for the US Government. However, the UK Government has given no authority for any such aircraft to fly over or land in the United Kingdom and has no evidence to suggest that any such aircraft has." He refers to the theory that the Calvine photo depicts the secret US Aurora spy-plane that is said to lurk at RAF Machrihanish in Argyll, but he deals with it by washing his hands of the possibility and leaving it up to the Americans; but in the next sentence he says that such an activity has not been authorized by the UK government. Why? According to what he said before they need no permission. Which is it, Jimmy?
The article gets even more laughable when Dr Clarke wheels the skeppers in. Apparently somebody has solved the mystery... no kidding! Wim van Utrecht, whom I'm guessing is a Dutchman by his name, of CUFOS, says the photograph was concocted by hanging a Christmas ornament from a tree and taking the shot from a certain angle. There's only one problem, zero evidence. Meneer Utrecht has found a picture of a Yuletide bauble that looks similar and speculates that this is what the photographers did. This is another perfect example of the clown's day off fallacy. It states that any explanation that does not involve aliens must be prioritized above all others. Regardless of how absurd and baseless it might be, it wins by default simply because it does not involve aliens, through some principle that the skeptics have never explained. Conversely, any explanation that does involve aliens must be handicapped, or even ignored, regardless of whether it makes perfect sense and there is a huge amount of evidence for it, see: Source: I do hope people reading the article and Utrecht's guesswork realize this. At a recent conference somebody approached me personally and revealed some private information that might explain why Dr Clarke is so convinced the Calvine photograph depicts a secret American aircraft. I'm afraid I agreed to keep the details and their source strictly confidential, but I do hope this information can be published soon. For reasons I explain in the background links above, I don't think the Calvine object is the Aurora. The Aurora is a very sophisticated next generation reconnaissance platform, but it is still an aeroplane. It cannot hover or ascend vertically. Despite my misgivings, this is still an achievement of sorts by Dr Clarke. He has opened a channel of dialogue to the highest echelons of the UK military establishment. He is honest enough not to deny real evidence when it is handed to him so I feel more confident leaving this matter in his hands than I otherwise would have previously.
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Anonymous said...

It's an island, in a loch. The weather records at the time/date of the photo and the location confirm this.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Nonsense, Anon! Look at the shape closer. It's not even symmetrical! Even Clarke doesn't buy that one.