Saturday 1 October 2022

Govt UFO Logo

A strange artwork has appeared online that appears to be a design for an official badge of a government department in the United States. It has the words: Office of the Director of National Intelligence NIM-Aviation. It includes two stars. "NIM" stands for "National Intelligence Manager". The actual office referred to is this one: The National Intelligence Manager- Aviation is called Maj. Gen. Daniel L Simpson. However, the emblem in question does not appear anywhere on that website. This means it could be a draft for a replacement logo, leaked to the public by the artist who designed it, or a spy. The motif is very different from the standard formats used by American politics which tend to be based on classical or Roman formulas. It also does not mention the NIM- Aviation's proper governing body, the National Aviation Intelligence Integration Office. This whole thing could be some kind of prank. What I find interesting is the image in the middle. It shows a series of aircraft flying along as they would be seen from the ground looking up. They are, from right to left, a wide-bodied aeroplane like an airliner or tanker, a combat jet, a futuristic triangular delta-wing aircraft and a twin-tailed plane like a high altitude drone. All the aircraft have coloured trails behind them and the third plane seems to change course. All the aircraft are depicted above a globe sector of the Americas. What is most strange of all is that to the bottom left of the image is a very distinct disc shaped UFO. I wonder why. That depends if this is a real logo. If it is then it's giving out a highly provocative message. Why, and why now? The NIM- Aviation's job is, to quote their mission statement: "lead intelligence community efforts to identify, analyze and integrate intelligence of threats and vulnerabilities in the Air Domain." If we were being visited by beings from another world in flying craft, it is the NIM- Aviation whom we would expect to lead the project to deal with them. He played a role in the recent UAPTF report, see: On the other hand, if this is some kind of joke, it is very well concocted. The artist clearly has talent and maybe ought to apply for a job as the Pentagon's graphic designer.
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