Friday 20 July 2018

Sarcophagus Update

See here for essential background: After much speculation, as well as fears of the plague and pharaoh's curses, the sarcophagus has been opened. This was done much sooner than expected. A crane and other heavy-lifting equipment were brought to the building site to remove the fifteen ton lid. A crowd of onlookers surrounded the sixteen foot pit which had been dug around the artefact. The first person to look inside was Prof. Mostafa Waziri of the Egyptian Council of Antiquities. He immediately dropped down dead with a beetle crawling out of his mouth... Only kidding! What he actually saw was very disappointing. It seems that the scene was not as undisturbed as had previously been thought. Even though the sarcophagus had not been exhumed and opened physically, it has been in the path of some outflow from a dodgy drain and the inside was filled with decomposing sewage. However beneath this fetid slurry were the skeletons of three people. Unfortunately if there were any other items that might identify them then these have not survived. The skeletons have been taken to the National Restoration Museum in Alexandria for further examination. The research team have already stated that one of the skulls has been damaged in a way that indicates that the person was shot in the head by an arrow. No more information is available right now... Or should I say, that's all the information they're willing to let the people know at present. Source:

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