Sunday 2 June 2019

A Second Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr President,
I'm writing to you on the eve of your official state visit to my country, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As far as I and many others are concerned, you are very welcome in our nation. There are many people here who are opposed to your visit and will be staging street protests that will be very noisy and might turn violent. I and many others will be on the streets as well to challenge those protesters and defend you. I know you are a lightworker, like me, and therefore was born to bring good into the world. The last two years have been difficult ones for you, but you have tried your best and achieved some victories. When you uttered the phrase "drain the swamp" I suspect you had no idea how deep and rancid the swamp really was. Now you have found out, but you have not backed down. That is the bravest thing anybody can do. I will do everything I can to assist you, including the advice I'm about to give you. A state visit to Britain is a unique opportunity. Britain is like the United States of America in many ways. Our "special relationship" might have an additional meaning though. We and the USA are the two nations on which was centred the "2016 effect" that allowed you to take the Oval Office. I know that you are a keen supporter of Brexit, the other side of the 2016 effect, and are good friends with Nigel Farage. Brexit over here and you over there make the UK and USA the hotbeds of this new and rising movement against the New World Order. Your presence in Britain is the perfect moment to strike another blow against the Deep State. At the right time, you must make an enouncement. You will have to work out when that right time comes. It must be when you are on live television and so cannot be censored. Tell the world about the subjects I brought up in my previous open letter to you. Tell everybody that the 9/11 attacks were not the work of nineteen men armed with hardware tools. The destruction of the World Trade Centre and the damage to the Pentagon was the work of a resourceful and powerful conspiracy of criminals operating from inside your country, and that they have access to weapons of a destructive yield way beyond anything the militaries of the globe are openly armed with. You must also tell people that the unidentified flying objects that are commonly reported in the airspaces of the world are in truth artefacts of an extraterrestrial civilization. The Illuminati knows this because these artefacts have come to grief on the earth's surface and have been secretly salvaged. The most famous of these incidents took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. They have studied the debris and have probably worked out the power-plants and propulsion systems of these craft. This knowledge could provide free, clean, safe and unlimited energy for all people forever, abolishing poverty and environmental destruction. If you need to talk to me I will be close to you for the entire duration of your visit. Send for me and I will be at your side within an hour. I have friends and allies whom I can introduce you to. If you succeed in this, then the future of the world will be secure and the two countries of Brexit and Trump will become leaders in the fight to end the New World Order forever. The world will look to Britain and America to guide them out of this global concentration camp and ahead into a paradise on earth. It's all up to you, but you have proven to everybody that you do not retreat from a challenge. Good luck!
Ben Emlyn-Jones

See here for my first open letter to Donald Trump:


Beata said...

Well said I hope he calls on you !!!!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I'll be ready if he does, Beata xx

Anonymous said...

lol, yeah right, as long as you believe The Heritage Foundation are all lightworkers in it for the good of humanity!

I thought you were going to research Neil Sanders work? I guess you've not started yet.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Anon, I already have. Please watch "Why 2016 Matters" on HPANWO TV.

Anonymous said...

Did you get the oven chips and the beers in again Ben? Tony

Anonymous said...

OK Thanks Ben, I watched your why 2016 matters.

You agree Neils research is factually correct, but disagree with his conclusion. Lets assume for a moment Neils facts are right, and your conclusions are right, who are the white hats...

Using export controlled (because it's classed as a psychological weapon) software, they engineered Brexit, Trump, and a bunch of Right wing puppets all over Eastern EU into power. This well coneceted outfit (CIA, MI5, Mossad look at the connections on the diagram at the top of Neils posts) must be some kind of break-off 'white hat' group within the elites, including members of the security services. (wasn't it that Wilcox chap going on about 'White Hats' about 15yrs ago? sry I digress)

Nigel Farage and his City links could give an indication, there is a theory the City don't want to comply with the new EU banking rules (supposidly to clamp down on tax havens and shadow banking) so they're behind Brexit. But why should that be connected to Trump whoever it is must want Brexit/Trump and the Eu puppets in power, as part of a bigger plan including all of them (or what's the point).

I dunno tho, surly if there were rifts within the elites, with one group going against the masterplan, we'd see more evidence, some well connected folks, members of the security aparatus etc. having accidents as those behind the masterplan assert their influence, surely one side would be more powerful if it came to a scrap. [I just had the bizzare image of two old men sitting in a gentlemans club talking over a map table "Haha I got you there with my Bexit plan..."." Ah but it's my move, I'm playing my referendum card I win the round, trebbles all round!" lol)

When was the last time they used Nationalism for a good cause?

Controlled oppersion is not an unfalsifiable hypothesis tho. (And lets face it, has an awful lot of precidence) It could be just one big diversion as Richard says, it could be in the early stages of a 'problem, reaction, solution" plan, which we won't see without hindsight well after the final Brexit/Remain decsion has passed.

It'd all make good material for a book tho, a fictional post NWO utopian novel, what does it look like in a future Benworld :)

I'm still inclined to think Bexit is going to either be the excuse for financial breakdown, or play into ME warring/world war a little further down the line (or both). I'm more inclined to see Trump as a puppet given the factual evidence. Time will tell.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Tony. No, but maybe I will tomorrow!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. Thanks for the reply. I'll have a read through and try to answer your points.