Sunday 9 June 2019

The Wilson Notes

A new official UFO document has come to light that could be one of the most groundbreaking in history. The document was released by a scientist who is involved with NIDS- the National Institute for Discovery Science, founded by Robert Bigelow and is most famous for the Skinwalker Ranch project. He is also associated with Hal Puthoff who is involved with the To The Stars Academy, see background links for further information. It is just fifteen pages long, but there is a huge amount to analyze within its few leaves. The document is primarily the rough minutes of a meeting between the scientist, a Dr Eric Davis and a US Department of Defence official called Admiral Thomas Wilson. The meeting took place on the 16th of October 2002 in the back of Adm. Wilson's car, parked outside the EG&G Special Projects building on the junction of Grier Drive and Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Today EG&G have no published address at that location. Possibly they have moved or are unlisted on Google Maps. There are a few structures visible on Street view that have no tags. EG&G are famous for being one of the principle military-industrial complex contractors at Area 51 and they run the "Janet" airline that transports personnel to the secret base from nearby McCarran International Airport. The author of the document, who I assume is Davis' assistant, notes that Adm. Wilson is ten minutes late. The Admiral pulls up in a car with two uniformed junior naval officers and an enlisted driver. Davis and whoever is with him get in; presumably it is a very large car for all those people. However, some of the occupants head for the EG&G building for a separate meeting so it might just be of normal size (although American cars are generally much bigger than those in other countries). Wilson comes across as a jolly man with a sense of humour. A number of names are dropped in the first exchange, only one of which I recognize; Leslie Kean, a journalist who specializes in UFOlogy and psychical research. Wilson then goes on to talk about some meetings at the Pentagon that I have heard of before. They were in 1997 and were organized by Dr Steven Greer. Present was Dr Greer, the late Dr Edgar Mitchell, the Apollo astronaut and UFOlogist; also a number of Pentagon officials, one of whose name comes up later on. This is the first time I've heard of somebody from the government side confirming the Greer briefings. Amazingly, Wilson then appears to corroborate the existence of Majestic 12, the legendary secret government department supposedly responsible for salvaging and studying UFO wreckage. See: Pages three and four of the document are a facsimile of a letter to Dr Eric Davis dated a few months before the Las Vegas meeting, the 25th of April 2002. It was sent from a Lieutenant Commander Willard Miller from a home address in Belleair Bluffs, Florida USA and has a government crest on its header, one I do not recognize. Miller is somebody who has been a keen supporter of Dr Steven Greer, Ed Mitchell and other exopolitical activists; he was present at the 1997 briefings. He invites Dr Davis and somebody called "Hal" to a meeting to discuss UFO crash retrievals with a scientist at a laboratory studying high energy magnetic fields. I wonder if "Hal" is Dr Hal Puthoff. Miller asks for assurances that his involvement will be kept confidential and he asks his correspondents for money for his time. He then makes a stunning offer; although he himself has no need-to-know about the subject himself, he is willing to provide the names and contact details of government individuals and contractors assigned to deal with UFO crash-retrievals and the back engineering of alien vehicles. There is an evasive tone to the letter because in the last paragraph Miller flips instantly to a much more prosaic subject in a "oh, while I'm here..." kind of way. I'm not sure why that is.

From page five the transcript resumes. Adm. Wilson asks Davis many questions about his background. He also says he has never opened out to UFOlogists before. He was not interested in money or fame. He is very angry with Will Miller because Miller apparently breached a confidence by revealing information to Steven Greer, Ed Mitchell, Leslie Kean and others about him personally. This led Wilson to the notoriety he was hoping to avoid. Wilson also says that in 1997 he found evidence in the government's financial files about the involvement of a defence contractor, "one of the top ones in the US" in UFO projects; but he refuses to name it. Perhaps the choice of location for the meeting is a clue in itself. After making further enquiries, Wilson managed to arrange a meeting with a group of people from the contractor who call themselves "the watch committee". The committee were only willing to share a small amount of information because Wilson did not have a need-to-know, what they term their "bigot list"; peculiar nomenclature. Wilson found this remarkable because he was at that time deputy director of the Defence Intelligence Agency and intelligence assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, one of the most important military officials in the US authorities. They did show him a list of names with clearance, but did not tell him what qualifies somebody to be cleared for their list. Only a handful of the names were known to him. There were few with military titles; no presidents, congressmen or executive staff. There were four to eight hundred of these people. Most of the people were employees of the company, making this a typically incestuous corporate conspiracy. It is no secret that state actors like to avoid regulation and legal accountability by employing private contractors to do their dirty work for them. This is very common in the NHS for example, see:; also the mercenaries currently fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. The UFO-based unacknowledged special access programmes of the US military industrial complex appear to be the ultimate expression of this kind of political hand washing. The committee admitted that they were dealing with analyzing and reverse engineering technology "not of this earth... not made by human hands", which is completely unequivocal. Progress was very slow. A lot of this information matches what Bob Lazar has been saying, see: The committee refused to reveal any more, much to Adm. Wilson's frustration. He tried to launch an official dispute through the standard Pentagon grievance procedures, but was met with indignant refusal. He was ordered to let the matter go. They threatened to ruin his career if he didn't. The meeting ended at 11.20 AM, an hour and ten minutes after Wilson drove up. Source: This document is truly groundbreaking. There will be plenty of commentary about it over the coming weeks and months; here's a very good video by Richard Dolan, see: The Wilson notes are official confirmation through an entirely independent party of what UFOlogists have been reporting for decades based on testimony from individual witnesses and insiders. It is very blunt in its language when it brings up the subjects of the extraterrestrial origins of their interest. They use the same vocabulary we are all familiar with and don't substitute it with their own codewords. I am pretty sure that the original MJ-12 documents are real. These more recent ones are probably fake, see: However all the question marks skeptics have brought up concerning Majestic cannot be applied here. The authenticity of the Wilson notes cannot be disputed. They are completely traceable and could not be hoaxed. This bombshell comes just weeks after the USDoD revealed the truth about AATIP, see: I very much look forward to developments on this story and any further fresh revelations which I feel to be inevitable.

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