Friday 23 August 2019

What has Happened to Q?

For those who follow QAnon updates, this month has been very bleak because the mysterious online entity known as "QAnon" has gone silent. This is not unusual; Q has been known to vanish for several weeks at a time since its posts began in 2017, however this time his/her/their silence might be more significant because it was caused directly by 8-Chan closing down. The host has dropped the board after several of its regular contributors were involved in the horrific crimes. Brenton Tarrant, the mosque shooter in New Zealand and others in the United States of America all used 8-Chan. However, Q has not returned to their old stomping ground on 4-Chan even though that site is currently active and it was where they made their debut. The QAnon aggregators like this one:, remain frozen. Why has this happened? There are many theories. My good friend and fellow radio broadcaster Kev Baker is absolutely convinced that QAnon is a massive hoax. He has made several programmes about it, for example see: I've watched this, but I've also watched debates between the two sides, for example: and I think the Q-supporters get the upper hand. I've also discussed the issue with Duncan Campbell and Mark Cocking on HPANWO Radio, see: and:, and I think there is some reality to Q. Now, a new document has appeared with a brand new take on the issue. It claims Q is indeed real, but that it is in fact not a liberator and beacon of hope that we've been told it is; but that it is really a sinister psychological warfare operation conducted by the very globalist government it claims to oppose. The article is by somebody called Bernard Grover who is quite well-known and sometimes appears on Jeff Rense's current radio show. He has written a whole series of posts about QAnon on his blog and his latest is called "The Quiller Q". He begins with the statement: "My father, who was both an historian and a politician, taught me one important lesson that has followed me for life: Never trust a government anytime, anywhere, for any reason. To that, I would add: most especially when the military gets involved in civilian affairs." It is quite a fashionable idea at the moment to believe that absolutely everything is fixed, everything is bent; and whenever anything happens that makes you think some truth is coming out; then it is not really truth, it is just a deeper level of the deception. On the surface, and before 2016, that makes sense seeing as we have lived in what George Orwell called "an age of universal deceit". The problem with this worldview is that it means the age of deceit can never be seen to end short of some overt and obvious revolution that itself is generally regarded as impossible. This means that the lying government would have to be eternal and invincible. Well, I don't believe that is the case; and I give more details in the background links at the bottom. The problem is that the "everything is fixed!" mentality has literally become part of the identity of certain people in the Truth movement, and even in a strange way their sense of self-esteem. When I read Grover's article I suspect that he is one of them. For instance he has invented some new words such as: Qnuverse, Qvians and Qult. This indicates that he has a very low personal opinion of anybody who disagrees with him over QAnon. This is confirmed by some of the derogatory remarks he makes such as: "... Qvians may be able to dismiss this interpretation because it does not fit with their myopic loyalty to an invisible entity..." and: "...hundreds of thousands of people not only trust Q, but spread its pronouncements like a surreal gospel..." and: "...Just what the Deep State means in the Qnuverse is undefined by Q, though Qvians all 'know' what it is when they see it..." He also calls Q commentators "Acolytes". This all too frequent writing style indicates that Mr Grover is not being entirely rational. He is giving away clues that he might be a bit of a typical "I can see through the disinfo but you can't!" poser. However, we should still examine his logical points.
Bernard Grover claims that the multiple mass-shootings that are occurring across the world, especially in the United States, are not isolated events, but are in fact being perpetrated deliberately in sequence by an organized conspiracy for the objective of generating a mass psychosis of fear. Those responsible are also controlling the QAnon phenomenon. Q's final post before going to ground was: "The month of AUGUST is traditionally very HOT". "Hot" in military parlance means a high possibility of violence. Within four days there had been two mass-shootings in the USA; in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Thirty-two people were killed and dozens more injured. Two days before the last drop, on the 30th of July, Q posted this: "_Hot8_Hot9_Red_Red_y__FREEDOM_mark1-99_yPc_sigDConf_net[w1]" This makes no sense at all in normal language. To me it resembles a line from a computer program; but it could be some kind of code. Grover thinks that it might be a form of mind control activation for a targeted individual or a secret signal to an agent, like the old numbers stations, see: As I said, it is known that some of the gunmen over the last couple of years regularly contributed to the Chans. Q also posted: "[24hr Warning] Be vigilant. See something. Say something. Know your surroundings at all times." which Grover interprets as a certainty that they had full knowledge of what was to come. He cites a previous situation in which QAnon seemed to know exactly when Senator John McCain would die, even though McCain supposedly died of natural causes. The long silences of a few weeks every so often are apparently the Q entity going into "listening mode" to gauge what internet users are seeing the material they already have and how they are sharing it. The current deletion of 8-Chan is a useful excuse for the latest of these periods. Source: The problem with QAnon analysis is that it is open to all kinds of interpretations. Q usually writes in a very abstract manner, specifically to encourage discussion and education among their readers. Drawing exact meaning from Q-drops is similar to doing so from Nostradamus who also used symbolic and sometimes surreal dialogue to deliver messages. Q also sometimes admittedly disseminates false information for strategic purposes; all to further the Plan. I don't think Bernard Grover's theory about Q is conclusive at all. Perhaps if more actions happen in this "HOT" month of August, or none at all, before it ends in just over a week, at the time of writing, it will add or subtract credibility to his idea. QAnon is a highly complex subject and I've had to think long and hard about where I stand on it, but I do maintain, without apology, Q is both real and benevolent. People have accused me of wishful thinking, and of course I am guilty as charged. Who wouldn't want Q's vision of an end to the New World Order to be true? However, nobody is without bias. I get very suspicious of those who claim that they are totally unbiased; they tend to be some of the most biased people imaginable. Just because an idea is one we would desire does not automatically make it is false. As I said, the "I can see through the disinfo but you can't!" poser is a familiar type. The atmosphere of pessimism in the Truth movement has partly been cultivated by those whose pessimism for them is a back-slapping badge of bravery. I once had a long conversation with somebody at paranormal event about who was a shill or wasn't a shill, what was disinfo and what wasn't disinfo. I grew tired of their attitude because for them the latter factors in both subjects were a tiny minority... with themselves in the heroic vanguard of course, and it was pretty clear that they were revelling in their self-superiority over others. I am perfectly aware that disinformation exists, and I also know that we have to be on the lookout for it. However, this does not mean that we should automatically dismiss absolutely everything as disinformation a priori, unless it immediately proves itself to be one hundred percent legitimate, especially if our motives are just personal and not part of the Truth movement's mission. Yes, if we switched on the Ten O'Clock News and saw Dr Judy Wood being interviewed, we could be pretty confident that the New World Order was on shaky ground, but I don't believe such an occasion would happen spontaneously; it would have to have a cause. I think it would be the end result of a process. Perhaps we are seeing the beginning of that process now. If so, then it behoves us to give it a chance. We should proceed warily, but hopefully. I think QAnon might well be a sign of that very beginning.


M.Jack said...

Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing with us.This is so useful.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, Jack.

Anonymous said...

Defango's evidence was pretty convincing, the video where it was all laid out on a plate chronological has been taken down tho, you can still find it long hand, the discord logs, the time stamp error bug reports etc. it does check out, but it'd take a whole heap of reseach to dig it all out and lay it out chronologically again. Jason Bermas recently interviewed them if you want the quick version.

But even if you discard the LARP troll crowd, WTF use has any of the Q stuff been besides a huge distraction? I don't buy the 'rallying point for researchers' thing, researchers research regardless, serious researchers avoided the Q nonsense from the get go, nothing tangible ever came from it since it started, if nothing came from it ni 2 years I seriously doubt anything ever will.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Anon, I recommend Dustin's debate. Also my detailed position on this very complex issue can be found in the background links. Sorry, there is no briefer summary.

Anonymous said...

Ben, I listened to the Dustin debate, problem is they don't mention any of the Defango stuff, they just jump right in debating Q's stuff, not the origin.

Here's the interview by Burmas, with defango & Dreamcatcher

Basically Q was started by James Brower AKA Dreamcatcher, along with Defango & a few other guys who's shared hobby is shitlording/organised trolling on 8/4chan & reddit, organised in thier private Discord channel, they were setting up a bunch of LARPers who were jumping on their prior stuff on CICADA to monetize it, to find out who was real (because people were posting puzzles then claiming to solve them themselves for props so they could monetise their own stuff) amongst their crowd on the public side of their discord they dropped key phrases as trip codes in the public discord so they could pick up who was playing games using their stuff, they did this to take them down/show who was in it for the money.

here's Bower/DC on AJ show for his background

Here's Defango talking to Bower, he plays the Discord recording when they were organising the LARP in the background (it helps to pause at this point to take it all in)

Here's a DTL vid 4th Nov 2017 talking about Bowers evidence, coughing up to being Q on twitter on that date

I sure wish they'd redo the choronological evidence vid I saw originally, it'd save a bunch of wasted time trying to dig it all out again, but these guys are trolls, they love this shit

the discord logs are out there, were posted on twitter at the time, the 4chan post is out there but it's hell'a long and I can't find it right now, (some recent issue has been brought up about the time stamps on the evidence, this is answered by a known bug in the software, which I checked out at the time and it worked out legit) I've spent 3 hours listening to ur recomended interview then finding all this again so I'm not digging further to find it all again.

As if some insider white hat type would be posting on 4/8 chan in the first place FFS.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for the additional info, Anon. I will look at it. Have you seen Alien Scientist's interview with Hassan of the Grassy Knoll? It was about a year and a half ago when I watched Dustin's debate and I recall that he got the upper hand.

Anonymous said...

Hassan? Some guy claiming to be "close to" and "still working in the field" of National intelligence, comes on youtube to be interviewed by Alien Scientist...

Yeah Right, that's definately got to be legit (lmao)

Again. They're talking about what Q has actually posted, way after the first 3 weeks, analysing their/others interpretation of cryptic bollox, this is Nostradamus level stuff, not a single peice of actual intelligence has ever been posted by Q, you can re-interpret all the stuff 10 ways til Sunday and convince people that want to be convinced, dunt make it so. And you want to believe one of them won the debate? seriously?

Dreamcatcher, Defango, micro wotsit (who is likely/could be mossad from the titbits scattered about all this) made the original Q posts, they only kept it up for 3 weeks, then it was picked up by the same troll/monetisation seeking crowd they've been jousting with for years prior over on Cicada 3301. As it was designed to, to out these money grabbing fuckers, then they came clean... and still people want to believ...smh

So to now believe Q is legit (after the first 3 weeks we know was LARP) you'd have to believe some white hat insider saw all the original BS on 4 chan, was in the public discord of Dreamcatcher/Defango/Micro at the time, picked up the trip codes, and ran with it, and kept on running with it for 2 years...

want to buy a Q T-shirt? About 6,260,000 results (0.48 seconds) lmfao.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks for the additional info, Anon. But you need to slow down now. I'm still going through the links you sent me in the comment before your last. I don't want to get into a Gish-gallop here.

Obviously, I guessed that the T-shirts were not being produced by the real Q. As for the feasibility of a secret govt insider using the Chans? It is probably the best way of influencing the online dissident right. According to Mr Grover, Q is real and is influencing them in a way that benefts the Deep State.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. I've watched the first link, Bermas' interview with Defango and Dreamcatcher. I've seen nothing here that counts as proof that they're QAnon. The two guests have a shifty attitude, insincere ways of speech and odd body language. DC in particular is very evasive. I wonder what Peter Hyatt would make about it (Richplanet). Have these two ever done debates like Distin did? What do you think of the YouTube comments? Bermas is not being objective. He is making a lot of ICSTTDBYC posting comments. He also sees what he believes is the "Q myth" as distracting people from real action. Does this also mean that if these guys are behind Q then the people Unirock supposedly exposed are not? Also Reddit says Discord can be hacked. Defango also claims to have made up Trump's slogan. Does this mean Cambridge Analytica did not? The trip-code simply is a repeat of what Unirock discovered. Are Pamphlet etc lying? Are the two sides somehow collaborators? This is really confusing. The Truth movement makes mistakes, and we admit it when we do, like with Hollie Greig. But so far I have not seen evidence that Q is fake. I've seen different people SAYING that they faked Q.

Anonymous said...

I did say the Burmas interview was the quick version.

Why would they debate what Q said Dustin style if they made it up? Defango has some back n forth with another youtuber on his channel, that was where I saw the timestamp log issue aired. His nemesis recently doxed him(the guys from Cicada 3301 he's been jousting with for years who took over posting as Q from them) they had the police turn up at his house, and something else at 4am recently tho I dint watch the video I only saw the title.

ICSTTDBYC? even google dunt know what that is.

Defango didn't claim to make up Trump's slogan, Bower/DC was a campaign insider (see the AJ link), he was pointing out where Q got the slogan before the campaigne used it.

only watch Burmas interview and saying no evidence is a bit of a strawman Ben, as I said it'll take some digging, I pulled that lot together in 3 hours, including an hour of watching ur rec vid at double speed, I left you plenty of breadcrumbs, enough to dig out the evidence if you research what you find on the links, you choose not to look at the evidence and already made ur mind up, it must be an odd view from platos cave. Peace out.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I know you said Bermas' interview was a quick one, and you provided additional links which I have not check out yet, to be fair. However you did cite this as a source for your objection to my statement. You stated that Dustin's debate was not enough to make a judgement because I hadn't heard what Defango said. However what did Defango say? Exactly the same thing as the bakers, more or less.

When the conversation finally turned factual, all Defango and Dreamcatcher explained was that he was caught out making fake Q drops. It's not disputed that there are fake Q drops, as I talked about with Duncan Campbell.

"ICSTTDBYC"; sorry, I should have reiterated: "I Can See Through the Disinfo But You Can't".

I've not seen the Bower link yet. I'm working my through to it.

I don't think it's strawmanning to say no evidence when Defango et al didn't really say anything original, at least in the Bermas interview. However there was a lot of the back-slapping that I talked about along with "ICSTTDBYC" posing. I think they gloated a lot and a few times used cliches like "Santa Claus doesn't exist!" And you seem to edging that way slightly yourself... If QAnon was real, we would expect this to happen. Somebody will always want to get a slice of that controversy cheesecake and make themselves look superior. The FBI are hardly needed!