Saturday 22 September 2018

QAnon on Roswell and Apollo

Over the last few months I have covered the QAnon phenomenon, posts on the 4-Chan and 8-Chan boards allegedly coming from an insider in the Trump administration who predicts the ultimate defeat of the New World Order. See the background links for more information. "Q", whoever he or she is... or they are, has spoken in detail about the inner politics of the US Government and its relationship with other states; yet a few days ago they answered two questions on a more unusual subject, the conspiracy theories of outer space. This is of course the staple for HPANWO, yet this is the first time I'm aware of that Q has referred to it. Indeed, the "Q-tuber" Dustin Nemos says in his commentary that it's not an issue that interests him because he is "so focused on evil on the ground", see: However, as I've said many times, lies in the sky and evil on the ground are intimately connected. The two Q-drops can be seen above. The first begins with a question from an 8-Chan poster: "Q, are we alone? Roswell?" Roswell naturally refers to the Roswell incident in which an extraterrestrial artefact crashed on the earth's surface at Roswell, New Mexico USA in July of 1947 and was secretly salvaged by the government. The cover-up endured to this day. If Roswell were a real flying saucer, which I think it is, then it represents decisive proof that earth is not the only living planet in the universe; also that other life has travelled to the earth already. The reply is typical of QAnon, very brief and suggestive: "No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space. Q." This probably means Q is confirming the Roswell incident. "Highest classification" is the level secrets about UFO's are kept at, "higher than the H-bomb" to quote Wilbert Smith. Does this mean Q has access to that secrecy level, or have they just consulted with those who do? "Consider the vastness of space" is the same argument made by proponents of both UFOlogy and SETI- the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, see: Then the subject of the moon landings comes up: "Q, did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programmes? Is this why the space force was created?" That is a whole list of questions. QAnon answers: "False, moon landings are real. Programmes exist that are outside the public domain." The first sentence seems unequivocal; as far as Q is concerned, the Apollo moon landings happened as they were portrayed by the mainstream. However, that does not tally with what I have learned, see: Dustin also wonders if this is a bit of intentional disinformation by Q. As for the secret space programme, Q confirms it. That would then beg the question why the United States would risk letting NASA do the job with its crude rockets and therefore the considerable chance of failure and disaster. This was right in the middle of the Cold War. Wouldn't it be better to use the secret space programme and fake the tricky bits?

These rather contradictory statements from QAnon will on doubt add confidence to the tendency who believes the entire Q phenomenon is just a hoax, a massive larp by the channers. It would not be the first time; the chans are notorious for their shitposting and trolling. My good friend and fellow radio show host Kev Baker is absolutely convinced that QAnon is a scam, for example see: and: However, there is another side to this confusing story. This debate is very interesting: Dustin Nemos has made other videos on this subject. I've also had private conversations with several people about this matter. These pieces of information appear to negate some of the concerns people like Kev and Unirock raise. The way I see it, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and the good news is that this day is not far off. The recurring point Q makes is that the destruction of the Deep State is imminent. Therefore whether this outcome occurs will inevitably either completely vindicate or completely discredit QAnon in the very near future.


Anonymous said...

Myself and another longer time researcher have been privately discussing similar things recently. I think Q's latest increases the likelyhood it's all a psy-op, however the demise of the deep state could also be imminient.

The BRICs gold backed basket of currencies, that's been touted as an alternative to the west's fiat system, has been built up in the background over recent years. Our discussion was regarding weather folks who tout gold backed money as a solution were in fact shills for tptb, my position is that weather or not it's gold backed is the wrong question, who controls it, and how money is created/comes into the system is the important question. The 'demise of the dollar' meme has also been floating around the for some time.

This could all be where the psy-op is heading, demise of the deep state, demise of the dollar and money system meltdown, leading to the BRICs system stepping in as our saviour everyone will eagerly take up.

Of course the BRICs system is not really an alternative, it was set up by the same globalists from the BIS/IMF etc. But it could be the New World Monetary Order Gordon Brown mentioned in a speach once. And of course a gold backed system would take us back to Bretton Woods, all we need then is for some large part of the system to declare their money is no longer convertable to gold, as the US did in 1971, and there we are back to the same fiat system we're on now, having 're-set' via the BRICs system. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Q's cryptic blatherings would fit with promoting this scenareo IMO, and BREXIT would be a handy scapegoat. PP.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. Sorry for the long delay in replying. I'll be answering your comment on tonight's HPANWO Show at 8 PM, programme 472. If you miss the live broadcast don't worry. It is still available as a free podcast.