Saturday 8 October 2016

Fracking Allowed

Fracking has been given the "go-ahead" or "green light"... whichever Orwellian euphemism you prefer, by the government. The test site at Little Plumpton, Lancashire will be allowed to continue operations after the moratorium was imposed in 2011 following the first earthquake in Blackpool for a hundred and ten years. This is not far from Lytham St Annes where the Probe conferences take place. The decision whether or not to resume fracking in Lancashire was originally handed over to the county council, but the county council said no, see: Therefore, out of respect for democracy, the Communities Secretary Sajid Javid overruled the LCC and told them there'd been a change of plan and it wasn't their decision anymore, see: This news story is blatantly misleading. We're going to see more and more of this kind of subversion. In 2014 I attended an anti-fracking protest outside Oxfordshire County Council where the council were holding an "informal meeting" about the subject, see: The self-satisfied and naive officials we lobbied as they walked in don't realize that what they're doing is just for show. At the moment the majority of land in the country is under a PEDL, Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence, either pending or already granted. This is simply an agenda to despoil the environment as part of the "War on Terra". It's not about energy; the figures for the amount of gas in the wells have been grossly overstated, see: What little gas there is, is intended to mix with the chemicals and enter the soil, air and water. A vision of what Britain will end up looking like if we don't put a stop to this can be seen in Ian R Crane's Bases Project Film Festival Award® nominated documentary Voices from the Gasfields, see:

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