Monday 3 October 2016

Possible UFO Crash-Retrieval in Belfast

There are reports emerging of a new UFO crash-retrieval. The incident took place last Tuesday in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The source of this information are alleged emails sent to the producer of the "Secure Team" YouTube channel, but I've heard the same thing from an independent source at this weekend's Probe conference who has contacts in the Stormont government, see: The event began with bright lights being seen over the city, which has a population of almost half a million people. This was followed by the sound of an explosion; and a few minutes later police vans appeared and closed several roads. The illustration of that YouTube video is supposedly a photograph of that roadblock. There were also said to be military vehicles in the area including a low-bed lorry of the type used to carry heavy loads on the road. All wi-fi, phone lines and mobile signals were cut off for at least three hundred yards around the location and the police were said to be using metal detectors. There is so far no cover story in the media. Here is the BBC News page for Northern Ireland and there is no mention of any "light aircraft crash", "leak of toxic chemicals" or "weather balloons" etc, see: I also tried Googling "Belfast UFO crash" and got nothing recent. Some conspiratorial news sites are disputing the event and think it might have come out of confusion over a political street protest in the Ardoyne district of the city at the same time. However, street protests are very common in Northern Ireland so people should be used to them, see: We must be cautious. The case last year of a supposed UFO crash in Canada came to nothing in the end. It floundered from lack of information and, in my view, was probably not real, see: This time the supposed location is far more populous and accessible. Some people doubt that it's possible to successfully suppress such an occurrence in an urban area, but I wonder. It was done to great effect in Varginha and Nottinghamshire, see: and: The lack of a cover story does not mean the case is closed yet. the local contact says there was a D-notice issued to the media. What's interesting is that the authorities seem to have has limited foreknowledge. We've seen this before, with Mansfield and Berwyn Mountains. The headline news item today is a fairly incredulous-sounding saga about how the celebrity Kim Kardashian was threatened by masked gunmen who broke into her Paris hotel room, see: If this is a contrived piece of noise, what signal is it intended to drown out?

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