Wednesday 26 October 2016

Kenneth Clarke admits No Brexit

It is now four months since the British people went to the polls and chose to leave the European Union. Yet still absolutely nothing has been done to begin the process of taking Britain out of that dictatorial federation. Article 50, the rules governing how an EU "member state" can gain independence, has yet to be initiated. (Although judging by this video I'd say that "triggering Article 50" has more than one meaning:!) Kenneth Clarke is a long standing government minister who is one of the most senior and dedicated pro-EU Tories. In a leaked email to The Guardian he admits that the whole referendum ideal was just "lip service". It's amazing how candid politicians are when talking amongst themselves. How they must laugh at us after they've just given a media interview. This is something I've warned against and have long suspected. The government are dragging their heels and kicking the can along the road for as long as they can. They're hoping that if they just dither for long enough we'll all simply forget about it; or that other matters will supersede it, real or contrived. They're doing exactly the same thing when it comes to the child abuse scandal, see: There's also now talk of "mitigating" Brexit and even Kenneth Clarke himself has used that term. Once the heat went down there were calls for a second referendum and even a House of Lords inquiry to decide. There is inevitably going to be a Commons bill about having a parliamentary vote of some kind or another to decide whether Brexit really should go ahead. So what was the point of the referendum in the first place? Nobody said anything like this at the time, "If the Leave vote win then the UK will exit the EU, but..." We, the people must not forget what happened last June and we must hold elected officials to their word. Source: Mr Clarke, who is also a long-term member of the Bilderberg Group, needs to read the laws about treason and get himself a good lawyer.  


Laurence said...

Ben, to the NWO, Brexit is nothing short of a catastrophe. All the more so as they are very aware that their combined efforts of MSM, industry, politics, and even MP Cox would have accounted for many millions of votes...and they were still walloped. Three cheers from abroad for the British people...yet again!!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Cheers, Laurence. I hope you guys over the water join us soon in rebellion. He's to independence!