Friday, 25 May 2018

Peter Robbins on Podcast UFO- May 2018

Peter Robbins is a regular guest on the UFOlogical radio programme Podcast UFO. In the latest show in which he is featured he describes his split from his Left at East Gate co-author Larry Warren from about thirty-six minutes in to the fifty-five minute mark, see: Peter explains how his doubts began "a little over two years ago." This is about the time Larry's friendship with Sacha Christie broke down; shortly before the Scottish UFO and Paranormal Conference 2016, see: Peter refers to this conference soon afterwards and says that people began to "do their own investigations" and wrote to him with "increasing frustration until I began to look at this material". However other people, including myself, were examining the same material and finding serious flaws in it. I also contacted Peter and discussed this with him; I published my conclusions in a detailed series of articles, see: I've called this series The Larry Warren Controversy and it is almost finished; I have just one more instalment to write. I originally entitled it Is Larry Warren a Fraud?, but soon changed it when it became obvious to me after a thorough and dispassionate examination of the facts, that the answer to that question is an unequivocal "no". However Peter Robbins has bought into the hype completely. He wrote a very extensive statement describing his position which, in the minority of its content that is factual, is virtually a transcription of Sacha Christie's assertions. He has never been a writer renowned for brevity, and this was no exception; in fact it has been nicknamed the "War and Peace" document. However I believe I have successfully deconstructed all the points Peter made in it, see: Since then Peter has done a U-turn that a Turkish taxi driver would have trouble carrying out. He has withdrawn his two response books to Nick Pope and Col. Halt as well as unilaterally ceasing the publication of Left at East Gate. He has publicly apologized to most of the people he previously criticized. He now uses the word "defaming" to describe his actions. His mea culpa has been generously received by his former enemies and they have warmly embraced him back into the fold. Peter repeats the falsehood he wrote in his statement that Larry had threatened a member of the audience at the Scottish conference. As I explain in my review, Larry did nothing of the sort. Peter also tables the accusations that Larry purloined and hawked counterfeit rock-and-roll memorabilia. We are still waiting for Larry to be arrested and questioned over that very serious alleged offence. Tino has made another video with Larry countering the smears regarding Larry's relationship with the music industry, see:

Despite all this I detect some inner conflict with Peter. It's impossible to know for sure because he has broken his friendship with me as well. Interestingly this only happened when the polygraph results were published. Before that he was perfectly happy to tolerate me on an agree-to-disagree basis. We communicated regularly in a civil manner during this period, see: Why then? Why not before? Why not after? I also found it very odd that Peter had a stall for LAEG at the Roswell festival last year; this is the book he was in the process of disowning, see: Now in this latest interview the host Martin Willis asks Peter what he believes Larry Warren's true role was in the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Peter replies: "At this point I don't know what to think, about so much... I feel I have lost the right to continue participating is research into this particular event." That's a strange response considering what he said earlier about Larry. Just a few minutes before he gave some pretty stark denouncements of his co-author's character, as you'll hear if you go to the source link above. Isn't certitude the first thing Peter should be looking for in the face of all this doubt? Doesn't he wish to confirm or deny, to use that famous Popeism, whether Larry was involved or not? If Peter doesn't know what to think, how can he be so sure Larry is a liar? This calls into question his entire thesis, in my view. Why should we therefore take his change of mind seriously? The good news is that this show was a YouTube livestream and the platform now preserves and plays the live chat log on recordings, and so we can see when Peter brings up Larry Warren many listeners leap to Larry's defence. The film Capel Green will soon be released which will completely exonerate Larry Warren. Peter Robbins can continue to say what he likes about Larry, but it will save him a far greater amount of embarrassment if he admits his error now rather than when the film hits the screen.

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