Wednesday 1 February 2017

Trump's Travel Ban

At the time of writing Donald Trump is less than two weeks into his US presidency yet he has made a huge amount of progress. Even before he ate his inaugural luncheon, see:, he signed a whole pile of executive orders. Some of these were very welcome, such as pulling the USA out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This international trade regulation would have been devastating to the American and world economies, see: Others I very much oppose, such as his resurrection of the Dakota Access Pipeline project which had been cancelled by President Obama just a couple of months earlier following mass protests by environmentalists and Standing Rock Sioux Indians concerned for the pollution the operation would cause the natural wilderness, see: Trump appears to be in a hurry, as if he knows he only has limited time. He constantly refers to his "hundred days" plan when he is supposed to be allowed at least four years in the White House and possibly as many as eight. Does he suspect that his many enemies are plotting his downfall? So far he is keeping most of his campaign promises, and therefore his latest executive order has been his most controversial. He announced on Friday that restricts people from some countries from entering the United States of America for ninety days; Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This has been wrongly dubbed by the media "a Muslim ban"; mostly as a result of Trump's electioneering rhetoric. It does not specify the traveller's religion at all, although Islam is the principle faith of all the nations on the list so Muslims will inevitably be affected the most in practice. This policy has sparked protests all over the world similar to those during the inauguration, including a petition to ban Trump from Britain. Source:

My first thoughts were that this is a carpet bombing exercise. Real terrorists will find a way round it while the only people who stand to be affected are the innocent; people like the Somali-born athlete Mo Farrah who is worried about being cut off from his American relatives. My friend the film director Sandra Daroy is going to have her movie screened at the International UFO Congress in Arizona next fortnight, with a chance of it winning an EBE award, see: Her father comes from Yemen, so will she be allowed into the USA to be at the event? What's more Trump's order will probably be overturned by the Supreme Court. The United States' government was designed in one go and has some very sensible features, mostly to prevent one person having too much power. When Trump's attorney general Sally Yates warned him that his travel order was unlawful he sacked her... but he can't sack the Supreme Court. One of the reasons the real terrorists will not be hampered by this blanket travel moratorium is because they are funded and organized by global intelligence agencies like the CIA and Mossad, and Trump knows this. So why doesn't he address that issue in whatever way he can? I ask the same question as I did in the background article above; has he already been compromised or is this just another one of his tricks? It could be the latter because he has done something else that is genuinely constructive. He has arranged for the Syrian refugees that are currently being moved thousands of miles in a mass human transportation programme on a scale unseen since World War II, to instead be cared for in "safe zones" within Syria, Yemen and several other nearby countries, see: As I've explained before, the refugee crisis is a part of the New World Order agenda, for details see here for example: The perpetrators of this agenda will "not be amused!" with what Trump has done. The media is still obsessively biased against Trump. A textbook case concerns the bust of Martin Luther King that Obama has placed in the Oval Office. A report came out that Trump had ordered it removed. This report was repeated in a number of mainstream media sources without question, but it was not true. He merely moved it to another shelf. Donald Trump has been very daring so far in his administration, but now he must go for broke. He has nothing left to lose and no legitimate reason to hold back. It's the only way he protect himself. Come clean about the real nature of terrorism and immigration, Disclose the truth about UFO's and free energy etc; the works! Any reticence or caution on his part will not placate his opponents; it will merely goad them into making a move against him before, as they see it, it's too late.

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