Saturday 2 November 2013

Chemtrail Planes Captured

A major diplomatic incident has broken out after the interception of two aircraft over India and Nigeria. Fighter jets in both countries located the two Ukrainian AN 124's and ordered them to land at their air bases. The aircraft were then both impounded and the crews arrested. The authorities then discovered something very strange; the aircraft may have come from the Ukraine, but they were under charter by the US Air Force and are based at the American base on the island of Diego Garcia (from which the native islanders were "evacuated" in order to build it). The US authorities are said to be "panicking" about this incident. The decision to take down the aircraft is said to be based on a Chinese intelligence report that states quite unequivocally that the AN 124's were being used by the Americans to spread "biological agents" in the air above India and Nigeria. Most suspicious of all, on examination the aircraft both had a system installed for spraying liquid from an onboard storage tank to outlets on the trailing edges of the wings and stabilizers. See here for the original article; it came to the website via a source in Mexico and is translated from Spanish: If this report is true then it means whoever is behind chemtrails has been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Just because the USAF is operating these aeroplanes doesn't mean that it's a US military programme. The Air Force could simply be contracted in the same way they in turn contracted the Ukrainian operators of the planes. The AN 124 is a transporter aircraft originating in Russia and is one of the biggest aeroplanes in the world; it can carry up to 893,000 pounds of cargo. It was not designed to spray chemicals from its wings and must have been adapted for that purpose. The question is, how many other aircraft are adapted in this way that we never find out about. According to chemtrail researchers like Alix Longman, see:, there are some dedicated chemtrail fleets operating in black secrecy, but that most are just ordinary commercial and military aircraft adapted like these two captured AN 124's and spray chemtrails while on routine flights without the crew knowing. Several airlines have been nominated as being involved; the name Ryanair comes up again and again. This is one of the most successful budget airlines, see: Could its fares be so low because the airline is being subsidized by "somebody" in exchange for... "additional services"? Also we have a new revelation from Edward Snowden's classified package, see: The authorities speak quite openly about their plans for chemtrails on a theoretical basis, see:, but we might be reaching the point that they are exposed for already carrying out this project. This is a secret so big that they can never confess to it. I think an irresistible force is about to meet an immovable object!


Anonymous said...

Yes Ryanair as well as Easyjet are both involved in this practice. Have logged ryanair flying over my house spraying.
Confirmed by flightrada software.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Tim, Well done for doing that flight tracking research. It's a big job.