Friday 1 November 2013

BBC- Are Conspiracy Theories Destroying Democracy?

This patronizing and confusing article on the BBC's website is no different to any other more monolithic form of propaganda; it just uses bigger words, see: It may well be a reaction to the recent poll in the USA showing that in the run up to the fifty year anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination conspiratorial awareness is more significant and powerful than ever, see: There are many ways of dismissing and trivializing a subject and I've found that one of the most effective is to reduce it to a "psychological study". The phrase "We're not trying to prove or disprove any particular conspiracy theory; we're just interested in their impact on society" is very pat. It's either that or: "... the psychological factors that breed belief in conspiracy theory". It's a tactic that is very crude and tedious.
I've spent a lot of time documenting and exposing these ploys, see:

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