Sunday 3 November 2013

Berwyn 40

In less than three months it will be the fortieth anniversary of the Berwyn Mountains UFO Incident, the "Welsh Roswell", probably the most significant UFO event ever to take place in Wales. Coming from Wales myself I'm proud of my country's place in the extraterrestrial annals. On the 23rd of January 1974 the people in Llandrillo and other remote villages surrounding the Berwyn Mountains in north east Wales experienced an earthquake and an explosion accompanied by strange lights in the sky. One witness driving on a high mountain pass saw a strange circular or ovoid luminous object on the ground. There have been several books and films made about the event, varying in quality and accuracy; I review one of them here: Until recently there was a feeling in much of UFOlogy that this was a "case closed" situation, however I think the case is still very much open and new evidence has come forth in the last few years, despite some shrill protests to the contrary. This new film by Richard D Hall is essential viewing for anybody with an interest in the subject, see:

I don't think we should let the forty year mark of the Berwyn UFO pass unrecognized, so I've started a Facebook page on the subject, see:, and a HPANWO Forum thread, see: The word PNH is one I invented; I'm not sure it's proper Welsh. It stands for Peth nid wedi Nabod yn Hedfan, literally an "unidentified (not known) flying object". I could have just used "UFO", but Welsh has too many English loan words in my view; French has the same problem, Franglais as it's known. I'm not sure yet how we are going to celebrate Berwyn 40, but hopefully HPANWO-readers and members of the group can provide ideas. Keep an eye on the links for any updates! 

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