Monday 25 November 2013

"Clare's Law"- Feminist Snoopers' Charter

It's strange how similar stories emerge at the same time. Only yesterday it was revealed that a school was threatening to accuse eight year old children of being racists, see: Today we have yet another feminist attempt to vilify men, see: Given the schmaltzy nickname of "Clare's Law", this new legislation allows women to use state surveillance powers to monitor their male partners. It is named after Clare Wood, a woman who was strangled by her boyfriend in 2009. I'm guessing that the law doesn't work the other way round and therefore if a man is at risk of getting murdered by his girlfriend then it just tough excrement; he deserves it anyway for being born male. The Government has decided that in future "wimm-inn" should be protected from the naturally violent and homicidal nature of men... and as an aside the state gets to pilot its Big Brother schemes that encourage people to spy on their neighbours and denounce them to the relevant authorities.

I've covered the dangers of feminism before in more detail, see: It is essentially a psychological warfare attack on all of us, women and men. Its origins can be found in the cultural Marxist and psychoanalytic movements of the early 20th century. In 1920 Edward L Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud famously made it cool for women to smoke through his use of psychological science in marketing and advertising, when it had previously been taboo for a woman to smoke; this excellent documentary covers the subject in detail, see: Red Ice Radio have also recently done a series of outstanding interviews on the subject, for example see: Of all the New World Order mind games in progress at the moment, feminism is probably the one that scares me the most. This is because it is presented to us as something good; is there really anybody who doesn't support rights for women? The delusive spell feminism casts over us is very difficult to break, in fact anybody who criticizes it, like me, will be immediately accused of being nothing more than a frustrated male chauvinist who wants to turn back the clock and send women "back to the kitchen where they belong!" Anybody who knows me will immediately see that this is a completely false accusation. Also I'm going to be accused of not caring about Clare Wood's murder. Again this is totally wrong. I do care, but I just wish to point out that Clare Wood is not a woman who was killed, she is a human being who was killed, and that's how the case should be treated. Actually I think it's pretty sick to exploit her memory the way it has been, as a dead poster-girl, a martyr for the New World Order. This website provides an excellent resource for anybody interested in the feminism scam, see: Also this book The War on Men by a female author, Suzanne Venker, see:


Leila said...

First they came for the men, I was not a man, so I did nothing...etc, etc,... and then they came for me, and there was no-one left to speak out for me. Nineteen Eighty Four in 2013!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Sue xx

You're absolutely right