Sunday 6 July 2008

"Britain's Closest Encounter" Part 1

Last Wednesday Channel 5 broadcast this film by Firefly TV on the Berwyn Mountain's Incident, which has been dubbed "The Welsh Roswell":

On the day before the scheduled broadcast I was contacted by Scott Felton, a member of the Conwy UFO research group in North Wales ( ). I spoke to him in detail about the background to the film and this is what he had to say:

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the email and kind words. I've been inundated with similar thoughts.

I know well of Nick Redfern's research over the years and I can't say too much, but I am just waiting for some info' from North Wales Police in order to conclude a chapter in a book for which I have been invited to write by a very well known researcher's latest book. NWP has dragged and dragged its heels and I've had to complain over its abuse of the FOIA. The force knows that I have documents which prove that decisions were taken to subvert Pat Evans' interest in assisting that night. What I've asked for will only reinforce this. Little wonder that ex assistant chief constable was filmed - remarkable.

Firefly Productions filming team got access to a tiny snippet of my overall information which was documentation showing that Andy Roberts' version of events which he has published on the Internet and in books, was fabricated.

Again remarkably, just two days before the airing, I received the results of a two year long battle with the British Geological Survey. I had been obstructed by Roger Musson who appeared on the programme and who is a personal friend of Roberts. That of course was not publicised, but Roberts based his debunking version on maps and other documents held by Musson. I discovered this and was forced to complain and appeal to the Director of the BGS. An internal investigation ensued.

The said maps give some of the info' Roberts quotes, but is mostly fabricated and or enhanced. He has relied heavily on the public not getting access to such documentation.

Firefly was shown evidence of collusion, conspiracy, lying you name it. The result was that just the day before, the Director of the filming team left me a voice message saying that me and my evidence had been axed by the Editor. It seems they filled the gap with the irrelevant gamekeeper sighting (three weeks later) and the year 2000 camcorder shots.

Clearly the company wanted a balanced programme 'in its way', and so did not want the final conclusive evidence that Andy Roberts was a liar. Even the Policeman lied and they edited out the testimony of Huw Lloyd and Ieuan and let the copper rant. I can assure you, that Huw Lloyd was filmed stating that at no time did any Police Officer leave his vehicle or use a torch on the open mountainside of Cader Bronwen. The film also omitted the fact that Pat Evans and her daughters were four miles away. Her object was on Cader Berwyn or more accurately a sub peak, Moel Sych and Roberts has persistently twisted this to suggest that everyone, farmers, Police, poachers were on this mountain.

Jenny Randles was apparently not appearing on the programme and Nick Pope too is a spook. Indeed, he, once visited Huw Lloyd with another man and gave a false name, Huw only realising this some months later when he saw him on TV.

I can't yet prove there was an alien craft on Cader Berwyn, but I can proof unreservedly that everyone on that programme against a UFO, last night lied and lied again.

Thanks again for your kind words. Please do keep in touch.

Scott L. Felton

Scott is in no doubt that serious and deliberate censorship was invloved in the making of this film; the producers were very biased towards presenting the theme that there was no ET aspect to anything that happened in the Berwyns on January the 23rd 1974. I'm frankly not surprised. I've found several examples, and some HPANWO-readers will be familiar with, of desperate attempts by authorities to cover up the presence of UFO's in our skies, and using the media to do it. When I watched it myself I felt very suspicious of it. Scott is asking people to distribute his testimony to as many of our contacts as possible. This film is just the first part of a six part series. What other dubious information is going to be presented to us in the following five sequels? The next one is being broadcast this Wednesday evening. Be forewarned and forearmed!
I lived in Lampeter in Dyfed at the time of this incident. I was only a small baby when it occurred, but when I got older I remember my parents talking about an "explosion" reported in the Cambrian News. This is the only time in my life I've lived close to a major UFO event. (Although I heard on a forum last night that there was a UFO flap in Dyfed and Pembrokeshire during the 70's when I was a child there. I remember a massive military presence in the region throughout my childhood; marching troops on the roads, jets flying low over head etc.)


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

The next episode of "Britain's Closest Encounters" in on tonight on Channel 5 at 8PM. I wonder how they're going to portray other major UFO incidents in this country.

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