Wednesday 30 July 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Logo

Is it just me or does the new Olympic logo look like a flying saucer descending onto a terrestrial landscape? That's very apt when you consider that the next summer Olympics, the 2012 Olympics in London has a logo that has the word "ZION" encoded into it! Ian Crane and many others (see links) have spoken about the possibility of staging the ultimate 9/11, the false flag operation to end all false flag operations: The fake alien invasion! Maybe this is why they keep putting out movies like Independence Day and Signs (Background: ).

The goal: To create the mythological New Jerusalem, what the Illuminati believe that London is destined to be in the New World Order. Maybe this is why they keep putting out movies like ID4 etc, to get us accustomed to the notion of bad-guy aliens out there so that our minds will be ripe for the picking when the prophesized End of Days arrives; in the Mayan calendar that falls on the 21st of December 2012. Ian Crane also mentions the very odd fact that the Red Arrows will not be performing over the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony. What!? The Red Arrows are the most famous aerobatic troupe in the world; they perform over every major British occasion! The official story is that some of the foreign visitors might mistake the display for a military attack… You what!? A squadron of bright red planes trailing day-glo crimson smoke means a military attack!? Or is the real reason that the airspace above the Olympic Stadium will need to be left clear for… something else!

What do you reckon to this!? It took place at the closing ceremony of the 1984 (appropriately Orwellian) Olympics in Los Angeles. A dress rehearsal?:

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