Thursday 3 July 2008

"Mining is just mining!"

In case anyone is under any illusions about the claims made by the US government in The Secret Land, the official documentary about Operation Highjump (See here: ) "We just want to go to Antarctica to find untapped mineral wealth" it worth considering this: . This is the environment in which the miners would have to work. These are the kinds of conditions that would need to be tackled to get the ore out of the ground. Then the ore would need to be transported over hundreds of miles of land and then through the pack ice that caused the Highjump central fleet so many problems, almost sinking several of the ships! How many dollars would they need to spend to retrieve every dollar's worth of mineral from Antarctica?

The government were lying. Operation Highjump had a very different mission.

Modern scientific research stations in Antarctica are very costly and a good proportion of their budget is spent on simply keeping their personnel alive. Keeping them warm, hydrated and fed in an enviroment where humans are not meant to be.


Alex Robinson said...

Hi Ben
Excellent visuals - really brings home the conditions. I so agree - all that attention & expense, doesn't make sense - strange things are (& have been for quite some time) afoot.

Gavin from Atlantean Times summed it up for me in a nut shell yesterday - what's missing is 'critical thinking' - the ability to notice & then ask questions about stuff that makes no sense - the world has OD'd on what it's told thro' the media & lost all abitlity for critical thinking & questioning.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

That's it! The more obvious something is, the more likely it will escape our notice. Hitler's own propaganda minister, Goebbels said: "The bigger the lie, the more likely it will be believed