Monday, 7 March 2011

3 UFO Stories in 3 Days!

We've had another wave of UFO stories in the media; this is simliar to the one in mid 2008 when The Sun ran a whole series of articles (If you can call a story in The Sun that!) about the phenomenon that were acceptably sensible. They called in Nick Pope to write them rather than one of their own "journalists".

This new wave began with the BBC's story about Rendlesham Forest which I link to above; it includes an interview with Dr David Clarke. Also The Sun sent a reporter to the new UFO Congress in Arizona (Sadly the old Laughlin, Nevada conference has shut down). Then two days later a story appeared in the ex-Mirror Group, Robert Maxwell's Oxford Mail. It was about the Garsington crop circle incidents. There's a field there that has had 6 in the last 5 years and experts say they're genuine, not Planker-made. It inteviews Mike Soper, a local UFOlogist whom I spoke to myself when I had my sighting in 2008, see:

Why the new rush of UFO's in the press and on TV? Are these stories connected? We'll see. However, I've said many times and still maintain, that this is not a step to Disclosure; something else is afoot.

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