Saturday 28 December 2019

Stephen Bassett with a Difference

Stephen Bassett regularly speaks at conferences around the world and each time gives us his rundown of the UFO Disclosure situation, as he sees it. He actually objects to the term "UFO" and believes it was created by the keepers of the "Truth Embargo" to keep the extraterrestrial presence secret. After all, if what you're looking at is unidentified then how can you ever decide positively what it is? I personally don't object to the term UFO because over the years it has taken on a meaning in human minds and culture that goes beyond the literal words which the acronym stands for. I don't think I could replace it with another word in my own consciousness now. However I share Steve's concerns about disinformation. I first saw Steve live at the Beyond Knowledge 2 conference in Liverpool in 2009, and since then have avidly followed his work. I have also interviewed him on HPANWO Radio many times, for example see: The things Steve says, more than anybody else, represent a wedge within myself, the question that I keep coming back to that I can neither endorse nor dismiss: Is willing Disclosure possible? See the background links for details about my musings on that. The question even inspired me to write a trilogy of novels, see: There is a massive amount of material online by Steve; lectures, interviews and even a very respectful and affectionate short documentary, see: However, a new video has just emerged which is highly unusual and stands out from the rest. What makes it different is that in the first twenty to thirty minutes Steve talks earnestly and candidly about his background. He gives information that he never has before. He mentions his father, a World War II veteran and how he came to have a son in 1946 who would go on to become the Steve Bassett we all know today. Steve talks about how he suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and how he has battled with depression and his fear of nuclear war. He also was once very keen on playing tennis and could have made a career out of it. The recording is called Unpresidented Events Are Coming Up, Will UFO Disclosure Be One of Them? (I don't know if the first word of the title is a spelling mistake or a pun), see:

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