Saturday 30 November 2019

Hillsborough Cop Acquitted

The police chief leading the operation during the Hillsborough Disaster has been found not guilty of manslaughter and gross negligence. This verdict has angered and saddened the relatives of the ninety-six football fans who were crushed to death in 1989. For thirty years they have campaigned for justice and in 2014 won a coroners' case against South Yorkshire Police. The original verdict of accidental death was overturned and replaced with unlawful killing. The first hearing in 1991 was accompanied by some truly vicious anti-Liverpudlian propaganda from Rupert Murdoch's News International. To this day you cannot buy The Sun newspaper anywhere in Liverpool. According to the former Chief Superintendent David Duckenfield, he ordered the opening of the exit gate that let the fans rush into the stadium in order to relieve another potential crushing situation outside the ground at the entrance. He had given the order based on urgent advice from other police officers by the entrance. This was compounded by the claim that the stadium's club, Sheffield Wednesday, considerably overstated the capacity of the ground, compared to the recommendations of its architects. Source: Nevertheless, as I explain in the background links below, there was definitely an attempted cover-up. Why would the police do that if they were innocent? It is a very similar situation to the Chelsea Manning Wikileaks scandal in which American helicopters fired on a group of newsmen after they mistook them for terrorists. Again, there was an attempt to suppress knowledge of the incident because the US authorities knew they were guilty, see:,_2007,_Baghdad_airstrike. Both these two cases and many others are proof that the judiciary is not what it is portrayed as, a neutral inanimate arbiter that sits above society like a guardian angel. It is a tool used by the elite for control of society. Jeffrey Epstein is another good example. His first conviction should have seen him jailed for years, but instead he was given thirteen months in an open prison, see: The same will happen with Prince Andrew. It is sad that the truth about the Hillsborough Disaster has not been acknowledged, but it will hopefully serve as a lesson to everybody. If you're rich and powerful or serve the state, you will be treated leniently; if you are none of those things the system will stomp on you for the want of a penny.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, have you seen Maud Dib's film The Hillsborough Ripple Effect and what are your thoughts on it regarding the disaster being set up or used to pave the way for the all seater stadium?. I wonder what the families would make of this claim.

I'm sure there is more to the tragic event than just police incompetance, but as we know, these opinions never get to be voiced in the MSM. I know there are some who claim that Hillsborough was a staged/fake event (believe it not), which I think is just ridiculous. I

I wonder if Richard D Hall will ever do a show covering Hillsborough and possibly share hjs own thoughts on the event.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. Yes, I've seen it. I don't know about Hill's idea, but it is a possibility. Of course the powers-that-shouldn't-be are perfectly willing to slaughter almost a hundred people. They slaughter many times that number without a second thought. However, I'm currently of the opinion that this was a cover-up of the authorities' culpable incompetence. Hill MIGHT turn out to be right though. I'm sure Richard would have a viewpoint on Hillsborough. If he makes a future programme about it I would be curious to see it.