Monday 11 November 2019

The Penny Drops!

Nigel Farage has announced that The Brexit Party will not be contesting any seats currently held by the Conservatives. He is cancelling his candidates from all 317 of their constituencies. This is in response to a pledge by the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party that they will continue the habit started at the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election and cooperate to stop Brexit, see:; and here for background: Farage calls his action "a unilateral Leave alliance". It is unilateral because Boris Johnson recently ruled out any non-aggression pact with Farage, see: Boris welcomed Nigel's decision while stressing that people should still vote conservative. However this is not enough because Farage still plans to contest Labour seats, crucially many of which are Leave-majority areas in the North Country. This could still end up splitting the Brexit vote in the divide-and-conquer situation I foretell in the background links above. Farage has also denounced Boris' deal and supported a further extension to Article 50 in the hope of organizing a new deal. Boris is still planning to bring his deal back to the commons after he wins the election, but he has not ruled out a WTO Brexit if necessary. I am personally a "hard" Brexiteer and think we should Leave on WTO rules anyway; further details can be found in the background links below. The Remainers are hypocritically accusing Nigel of "selling out!". Such Orwellian doublethink from them no longer shocks me. Source: It astounds me that it has taken this long for Farage to take his leave, if you'll excuse the pun, in this election. What he has said today is so obvious that millions of people, including me, have been urging him and Boris to do so. It seems that Boris and Nigel still have a long way to go in understanding the necessity that they should be all too aware of, seeing as they are two of Britain's most experienced statesmen. In fact I would go as far as to say that if they do not then they are deceiving the British people. If Farage is serious about Brexit then he needs to field no candidates at all except perhaps in SNP and Lib Dem strongholds in Scotland. If Boris is serious about Brexit he must agree to cooperate with Farage and not compete with him. If this doesn't happen then neither of them are serious about Brexit.

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