Sunday 27 March 2022

UAPTF Report- New Release

It's been a while since I've written about exopolitics. My prediction that something major would happen before the end of last year did not come true. In January I made what I thought might be my only UFO Disclosure HPANWO TV video of the year, see:, in which I uncharacteristically predicted that Disclosure would not happen in 2022. I sensed that the subject had stagnated and this was causing me to lose interest. Now, something has finally broken through the impasse, and it came from a source that didn't surprise me. John Greenewald Jr is a UFO detective with a tenaciousness of a Raymond Chandler hero. He can usually be found in post offices keeping them in business single-handed with his endless purchases of stamps and envelopes as he probes into the dark halls of power armed with his trusty Freedom of Information Act. He has been on this quest since he was a child and today he is widely respected for his dedication. I also consider him one of the most cautious of all UFOlogists. He didn't jump on the AATIP train as quickly as most of us did. I remember him warning us to eliminate the possibility that the videos were a student prank or something like that. However, he is not a skeptic and when the authenticity of the footage was confirmed, he accepted it straight away. The anticipation of the first UAPTF report was so intense that when nothing but the nine-page summary was published, the anticlimax was almost unbearable, see: We were all told that a much longer and more detailed classified annexe existed that had been delivered to several congressional committees. In October one of their members let something slip, see: However, a long boring silence followed until Greenewald made an explosive report two days ago. He has succeeded in securing the release of some of the classified annexe. Only twenty-four additional pages have been published, and those have considerable redactions, but it is a step in the right direction.
This achievement by The Black Vault, John Greenewald's operation, is the result of a Mandatory Declassification Review and not the usual FOIA. It is something he has been working on since the summary dropped eight months ago. In this video he analyzes the entire new document, comparing it to the nine pages from June 2021: Source: I don't know how much further this transparency process will go, but it might continue all the way to a complete public inquiry, which is what the UFOlogy community has been demanding all along. Maybe I was wrong about 2022...
See here for the accmpanying HPANWO TV livestream:
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