Saturday 19 March 2022

Major UFO Sighting in Ireland

A large number of people in Ireland have reported seeing an unusual spectacle in the sky during the evening of March the 1st. I have been contacted by numerous friends from the region alerted by this, including Thomas Sheridan, who has rendered an animation based on descriptions, see: The object was brightly lit with a regular row of lights along its edge. This is a recurring feature with UFO's such as that witnessed during the Pentyrch incident, see: Among those who saw it was Tabby Callaghan, the reality TV star and rock performer. He was standing outside his home in County Sligo having a smoke when it passed overhead. His partner was a fellow witness. He said it was "creepy... shaped like a B52 stealth (he probably means the B-2) but made of lights... huge and silent! I thought it was a flock of geese and I realised very quickly it wasn't. Then I screamed to Anna to come out quick. I would describe it as an upside down W, but except it looked like it was made of light. It was much lower even than a domestic flight." UFO's are most often completely silent. Sometimes they make a whirring or whining noise. They have also been mistaken for flocks of geese before. This is because geese often fly in a V formation. Another example is the "Lubbock lights" in 1951. Other people in different parts of Ireland saw something strange too and their descriptions are remarkably similar to Tabby's. In one case a large group of evening ramblers all saw it. Along with others in County Sligo, these reports come from Leitrim and Donegal, a broad sweep across the northwest of Ireland. Source: I'm curious to see if the Irish Aviation Authority makes a statement. There is nothing on their website right now. The search terms "UFO" and "UAP" come up blank. However there is an interesting fact that may or may not be related. They are issuing a notice-to-airmen about the closure of airspace above Ireland next week for a "security operation", see: What was the UFO? I don't know. The witness descriptions converge neatly on a profile and that profile does not resemble any aircraft, bird, weather phenomenon or astronomical object I know of. I'm keen to see if any other information emerges. I'll write an update if so.
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Laurence said...

Hello Ben - you may be interested in re-reading the comments I made on a sighting I had back in 2015:

Note that the link in the first case is broken; here is a working link to the official report:

Soon after the incident, the authorities here introduced Statutory Instrument 563, namely 'IRISH AVIATION AUTHORITY SMALL UNMANNED AIRCRAFT (DRONES) AND ROCKETS ORDER, 2015'.
In effect, they presumably believed it could be connected to drones, although of course this could equally have been a smokescreen. Don't think they can dismiss this latest mass sighting in the same way though; perhaps another SI, this time on banning unauthorised anti-gravity flights!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Laurence. That's going back a few years! You've got a good memory. Thanks for the reminder. It's interesting that the mountain rescue people saw something strange too. And then the coincidence... supposedly... of the IAA shutting airspace. And they've just done that again!

Laurence said...

Thanks Ben. There's a big push by the globalist puppet Irish government to join NATO in some way. Could be related!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

You're welcome, Laurence. We'll have to see what "news" they come out with now.