Friday, 28 March 2014

Nanny State invades Spiritualism

The closest I ever come in my life to any kind of religious practice is when I attend a Spiritualist church, something I do about once a month. In fact I'm not even sure Spiritualism counts as a religion in the normal sense of the word, even though in most countries it is recognized as one and enjoys rights under freedom-to-worship laws.  Part of the Spiritualist practice is what's called "hands-on healing"; this is where a healer treats a person's illnesses by placing their hands on their body and channelling energy from Spirit. It's similar in many ways to Reiki, see: The main difference being that Spiritualist healing is free, aside from a voluntary donation. I've always found Spiritualist healing very effective and have used it to treat eczema, stress, hayfever, an impacting wisdom tooth and much more. Of course Skeptics don't believe that it works... well, when it stops working for me, I shall stop using it, OK? A few weeks ago I went with Ustane to have Spiritualist healing at a church in Nottingham. I had been suffering from a painful hip, something that has been afflicting me on and off for over twenty years and the healing is always highly effective in easing it. When we arrived there we were both dismayed and worried to find that we had to fill out a form with all our personal details, including our GP's address and any long-term medical complaints we might have; this has only recently become a necessary condition of having the treatment. So Ustane and I filled them out and they were carefully filed away in a large drawer in the church's office. Why is all this paperwork necessary now? It never used to be. I asked the healers at the church and they said it was new rules that have come down from the management at the Spiritualist National Union. I've made inquiries at my local church in Oxford and it's exactly the same, even though that church is part of a different Spiritualist organization, the Greater World Christian Spiritualists, see: It must be a directive from Government. This was most disquieting; hands-on healing is an ancient art that stretches back all the way down through history in one form or another; and it is less invasive than having a haircut. Why all of a sudden is it being regulated? Could this be Codex Alimentarius at work? Is this a sign that the authorities are clamping down on people's freedom to make choices about their own health? See here for more details:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting and disturbing. A close member of my family is the teacher healer at their SNU church and has often said about how careful they have to be giving a healing and now there are so many protocols. I am not affiliated with the SNU but believe high end Masons are involved in the upper echelons of this organisation so say no more.It is very hierarchical and committee based on my info from my family contact. The head medium of a SNU church I attended was connecting with ETs and she the medium, knew she was an ET soul. She was told to leave that church by the SNU leaders as this did not fit their philosophy but those of us who know ET knowledge is kept underwraps know this was part of the secret government agenda of non disclosure.There is an agenda to control healers and psychics. I am Reiki 3 and a clairvoyant. My guides have advised me my psychic teacher is being monitored and controlled by her remote viewing instructor in the States. I consider my skills a profession but believe I should be allowed to operate freely but within my own moral code of... Do only good as we are one and the law of karma is operating and the person receiving healing or a reading is me in essence so I naturally treat them with respect. Like alternative plant medicines our natural psychic and healing abilities are vital to protect and enhance.