Thursday 25 July 2013

The New Prince George

"Baby Cambridge" will henceforth be known as Prince George Alexander Louis, he is third in line to the throne and is definitely being set up to be king. I watched the live broadcast when William and Kate came out of the hospital carrying the day-old boy, smiling and waving to the crowd of well-wishers and journalists. The importance of this child to the British Monarchy cannot be understated. For instance, who remembers this?: Well the news at the moment has not even mentioned it. Could this have been a blood sacrifice? Kate and William had obviously been well-coached as they greeted the public. Neither were showing any overt affection for their newborn first child, which is almost unbelievable, as well as deeply cruel of whoever told them not to. I've seen so many newborns and their parents during my years as a delivery suite Porter and the obvious adoration they show towards their little bundles of joy is very manifest. William also said: "We've only recently met him". This is again contrary to standard maternity practice in this country. Babies are always left with their parents from the moment of birth and rarely leave their side.

I decided to talk to somebody I know in the Truth movement, Sarah Goodley, who is a qualified children's counselor and has a sister who's a midwife (See: and she gave me some interesting information. For instance she has investigated the numerology of the name "George" and it means: the one who struggles with the fire breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil", well that figures! George of course is also the patron saint of England and in mythology he fought a dragon. Here's another article; I don't know quite what to make of it, but it's worth considering: Sarah also says that there's a possibility the babies could be "switched". Who knows what the Royals get up to; I dread to imagine! Whatever happens I feel sorry for Prince George, as I said a few days ago, see: I also feel sorry for his mother. Kate's child will never be hers in the way a child and its mother should be linked. He's the property of the House of Windsor, part the Habsburg Bloodline of the Illuminati, and they do not share their possessions with anyone!

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