Saturday 21 December 2013

2012- One Year On

It is the 21st of December 2013, or 5 Chiccan- 3 Kankin; one year ago to the day that the Mayan Long Count Calendar changed from one of its giant recurring 5126 year cycles to the next. In the few years leading up to that date, what became known simply as "2012" was one of the central pivots around which the alternative community operated. As you can see in the links above, an entire culture grew up around it spawning numerous and diverse spiritual and conspiratorial ideas; please study the links above if you're unfamiliar with this subject. I'd always planned to cover the event live at the time with HPANWO articles, radio and TV shows; I was surprised when I turned out to be one of the few who did.

The major turning point in the 2012 culture was the London Olympics, the "Apocalympics", as many called them. There was a crescendo of bittersweet dread in the run up to the Olympics because so many people in the Truth community were predicting a major event of some kind; from a false flag terrorist attack to an alien invasion, either staged or real. A lot of this was based on the work of Rik Clay a brilliant researcher who emerged onto the scene very suddenly and sadly died shortly afterwards in 2008 at the age of just twenty-six, see: I remember very clearly the intense feelings I experienced when I first heard Ian R Crane talking about the Olympics, see: I was really pleased when Ian did his first interview after the Olympics with me on CMR, see: Of course we got through the entire XXX Olympiad with no more mishap than a minor breakdown of the ticket sales computer. After it was all over I felt very ambivalent about it. The fear I and many others had been struck down with gave way to relief, but that relief was mixed with frustration that the Illuminati had not played their last card and were still holding back and waiting. A part of me couldn't help wishing that something terrible had happened; then of course afterwards I felt guilty for wishing that. But for the 2012 community, the anticlimax of the Olympics was a huge blow and it marked the beginning of the decline in 2012 eschatology. By the time December the 21st 2012 came along most people had simply given up hope. In fact before I managed to book Andy Thomas for an interview on my 2012 special CMR show, see above, I had contacted another researcher and she had replied with thanks for the offer, but said "I just can't cope with all this stuff any more". This researcher is one of a whole group of people that I've termed "2012 casualties". Another is a woman I met in 2009 at Ian R Crane's AVII conference (see: who was immensely keen on alternative ideas. My paths crossed with hers again a couple of months ago and she is somebody completely transformed; she has dropped off the scene altogether and has very little interest at all in anything paranormal, spiritual or conspiratorial. In fact she is rather cynical about everything she used to be so enthusiastic about; her views on these subjects are now bordering on Skepitcal. She has actually become quite a conventional person, talking a lot about which are the best mortgages and pensions, and about her current training to become an advertising manager. Above all she just wants to focus on her personal life, her new husband, her children and her home. After talking to her for an hour on the phone I realized that this change in her life is very much an aftershock of the 2012 no-show.

The sad thing is that the disappointment over 2012 comes out of a misunderstanding of what 2012 was in the first place. It was never meant to be a moment in time in which a very decisive and manifest event would occur after which everything in the world would be different. As you can see in the background links many people had made some very extreme predictions of what would happen on the 21st of December 2012. For some it would be a spiritual rebirth, an explosion of knowledge and wisdom channelling into planet Earth and human souls that would take us up into "the Fifth Dimension" or whatever you choose to call a higher level of aetheric consciousness; and we'd all wake up on the morning of the 22nd as Priests of High Atlantis. The other side of the falsehood coin was a vision of apocalypse; the Earth, or even the entire universe, would be destroyed by nuclear war, tsunamies, earthquakes, comet impacts, volcanoes, solar flares, Nibiru, quantum wave collapse and a dozen other dystopian scenarioes. One of the more sensible 2012 researchers, Geoff Stray, called this "catastrophe or ecstasy", the subtitle for the first edition of his book: The catastrophic ideas were encouraged by the mainstream media and ecstatic ones by the New Age, possibly deliberately as a form of disinformation. The catastrophic side of the coin was the most destructive and the ultimate expression of this fearmongering was film director Roland Emmerich's ridiculous and tiresome epic 2012, see: Another major 2012 tripe hound is Nancy Lieder, see: After a number of suicides over this issue a website was set up called, see: It did a good job defusing the nonsense that had been generated in the run up to 2012, but it did so unfortunately from a highly Skeptical angle and it also featured pages by James Randi, Michael Shermer and other Skeptics debunking UFO's, the paranormal and 9/11 etc. It has now changed its name to "" and is active today under that name, see: 2012 was never going to be a single moment in time when the whole universe would metamorphose and everything would by hunky-dory forever afterwards. It's a process, one that started long before the Mayan calendar end date and will continue long after it. I don't agree with the 2012hoax people who say it's just a superstitious myth; it is real. However it's far more complicated than many people in the 2012 community realized. I explain in detail in the background links.

So has anything changed at all in the last 365 days, or is everything exactly the same as it was before the 21st of December 2012? Well, on the whole I'd say not a lot has changed, at least in the surface physical universe, but there are some distinct glimmers of hope. For a start just before the Mayan calendar switched over something that was previously unthinkable happened. Two very widespread conspiracy theories were proven true. One involved the Hillsborough Disaster, an accident in Sheffield, England in 1989 in which almost a hundred people were killed and a thousand injured. The police and local authorities were criminally negligent in the cause of that tragedy. They knew it and attempted to cover up that fact, see: Another was the revelation that Jimmy Savile had abused children, see: We also had Julian Assange and Edward Snowden etc, not to mention the unprecedented reaction to this year's Bilderberg Group meeting, see: I think the exposure of these secrets is a sign of the times, one which we can take heart from, as I discuss here in my follow-up interview with Andy Thomas, see: One of the most obvious and commonly-experienced features of the years leading up to 2012 was what was christened "the Quickening". The Quickening is the speeding up of notional time. Notional time the subjective sense of the speed of time passing, as opposed to the exact measurement of the speed of its passing by the use of a clock. Whenever you say something like "Today is dragging!" or "Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?", you're making a statement about notional time. Albert Einstein understood this concept and once said: "Half an hour spent in the company of a beautiful woman feels like a mere moment compared to half an hour spent with your hand tied a hot stove." From about the late 1980's more and more people reported sensing that the speed of notional time was increasing. I noticed this myself; one year in the late 2000's was the equivalent six years of my early childhood. Some people said that this was just a product of growing from childhood into adulthood, but I wasn't the only one who felt this; a lot of much older people who had been adult when I was a child told me the same thing. "We're getting eighteen hour days!" as somebody said. A lot of 2012 theorists predicted that after the 21st of December 2012 we'd get a "reverse Quickening", a sense of notional time slowing down. Have I had this feeling? No, not really. However it's just been one year; if the reverse Quickening installs at the same rate as the Quickening then it may be several more years before the deceleration of notional time reaches a level where it can be perceived. All in all, I have not given up on the 2012 phenomenon just because everything people promised would happen has not. We should take heart from the progress made and strive for more. At the end of the day, the decision of what happens is our own. Cosmic forces only influence the world; they don't carry out our actions for us. A true and manifest change in the world will only come from our own hard work, integrity, determination and, most of all, love. But it could be as easy as a new thought that everybody has. As David Icke said, it's just a change of mind away. The great South African open-minded scientist Lyall Watson was the man who first proposed the "Hundredth Monkey Effect", see: Could it be that the 21st of December 2012 was the actual moment when we hit that hundredth monkey? In which case, after a whole year since that point, we shall soon find out! 

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