Wednesday 18 December 2013

Half a Million denied Social Care

A friend on Facebook sent me this: I'm a pretty hard-nosed, level-headed kind of guy, but this almost drove me to tears of rage and sorrow. The plight of this poor blind lady is a virtual portrait of everything that's wrong with this world at the moment. The pathetic nonsense spouted by the councils about the "pressure of an aging population" is a pretty base excuse even by the standards I've come to expect. It's almost as insulting and stupid as the swine flu scandal, see: So now the economic Armageddon we're descending into is not only the fault of people who catch swine flu, it's also those who have the audacity to grow old; please give me a break! The amount of money spent on wars and banking bailouts could feed and clothe every pensioner in the country a dozen times over. In the movies there's always somebody with the balls to burst into the boardroom and say that out loud. Why can't life be like the movies? 

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