Thursday 19 December 2013

The Death of SEAL Team 6

This video describes the highly suspicious elements surrounding the deaths of thirty American special forces operatives in Afghanistan, see: The incident happened on August the 6th 2011 when they took a flight on board an aged CH-47 Chinook helicopter. The official report says the helicopter was shot down by Al Qaida insurgents with a rocket-propelled grenade. This, according to President Obama, a "lucky shot". It was highly unusual to have such a large number of these extremely valuable experts transported together in the same aircraft; usually they'd be split up to avoid such a risk of large loss to their personnel. Also two gunships escorting the Chinook had seen the Al Qaida firing position and had requested permission to engage it, and had been refused. There are also other anomalies, such as the seven additional men who were on board the helicopter with the thirty US special forces; these were supposedly soldiers from the pro-US Afghan National Army, but their names were not those listed on the flight manifest. Nobody knows who authorized this oversight. The aircraft's black box has also never been recovered and this is very rare, as the father of one of the victims says. The same goes for the impromptu disposal of all the bodies, although this is not entirely without precedent.

Three months earlier the US Government reported that Osama bin Laden, alleged perpetrator of 9/11, had been assassinated during a US special forces operation in Pakistan. I was on nightshift in the hospital at the time and found out about it soon after it happened. As soon as I got home from work I switched on the news; the BBC were interviewing an anti-terrorism expert from the US Embassy. The man said that bin Laden's body would definitely be taken back to the United States for examination by the Government and also members of the media. Images of it would certainly be published. Only after a week or so of this press storm would bin Laden's body be returned to his family for a funeral. Then the announcement came that the body had been taken to an aircraft carrier and afforded a summary burial at sea, performed by a Muslim crew member, and that man from the Embassy has not been back on the news since; I can't find the interview anywhere online. It didn't take long for many other holes in this unlikely story to become visible, as I said at the time, see: The above video about the murder of SEAL Team 6 is very naive and laced with the Military Religion (see: But it asks the right questions and accepts that something strange is definitely going on. However it also claims that the only explanation for these anomalies is that the attack had been a set up organized by Al Qaida infiltrators in the US Afghan command structure. I think not. As the video rightly explains, most of the US special forces men who died on the helicopter were part of SEAL Team 6, but this was the same unit that had supposedly killed bin Laden in May of that year. If bin Laden's death really was a charade then they would have to know. Were they killed to keep them quiet; dead men can't tell tales? Perhaps. Strangely enough, another of their number, Brett Shadle, was killed in a "parachuting accident" in March of this year, see: How many members of SEAL Team 6 are left who know the truth? What's going to happen to them? Are they safe?... Or is all this just a huge coincidence?

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