Wednesday 31 January 2024

Happy Brexit Day 2024!

Today is the fourth anniversary of Brexit. I'd like to wish all readers a very happy Brexit Day and I encourage you to celebrate it as merrily as you can. At 11 PM on the 31st of January 2020, Britain left the European Union. I was there in London to witness it; see background link below. After that, the deal negotiations began and were completed within the original eleven month schedule, despite the Covid 19 lockdown and calls from Remoaners to extend the period. Four years is enough time to make the Remoaners' wailing portents of doom in the streets sound totally vapid. As our fourth year as an independent nation dawns I feel we have moved into a new period where globalists are changing strategy. The mainstream politicians are trying to find ways of undoing Brexit covertly instead of simply "rejoining the EU!"; although there are still a few marginal voices singing that old tune. You'll hear terms like: "a closer relationship" and "healthy trade negotiations". Northern Ireland continues to be exploited as a spanner in the works, but this is looking less and less tenable as the more junior statesmen are tiring of it and public opinion is becoming increasingly exasperated. There is now a new deal to give Northern Ireland's own government its authority back, see: However, we are not out of the woods by far. As I specifically predicted years ago, there will be further attempts to get the continent "united" again. 2024 will be a year of elections. Rishi Sunak will be trying to get re-elected... did I say re-elected? He has never faced the vote; he was dropped into Number 10 after Liz Truss quit. It is now just so obvious that he is obeying a higher authority; if he wasn't he wouldn't be doing exactly the opposite in every way of what his former supporters want. We will probably end this year with a Labour government, which will be about one percent worse than another Tory government. The good news is that by November President Trump will hopefully be returned to the White House. The establishment is making a feverish effort to stop him, but this will not work because it is too overt, see: A second Trump presidency will send shockwaves across the Atlantic that will affect Britain. I feel hopeful about the coming twelve months. This new total absence of stealth is a symptom that should not be ignored or understated. The Illuminati has changed. Things have not been going their way now for almost a decade; and there are no signs at all or reasons to think this situation is going to improve for them.
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Snarnok said...

Do you think that if Heritage, Reform and Farage join forces, there might be a chance of winning? Having said that, it would be no surprise if the elections were rigged. I remember the remoaners clamouring for a second referendum. The last general election was a second referendum in disguise and the turnout, droves of people and voting apathy going out the window speak for themselves over the Brexit issue. Also I remember the remoaners blaming Brexit for the lock downs effecting the economy, forgetting that the rest of the EU was suffering the same fate!

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Snarnok. I remember those happy days! When Boris was the British Trump etc. Brexit Day etc. Then Covid came along and it all went to pot. Now we're back in the bad old days of politics. I think there will eventually be some kind of populist right coalition. They will probably not win outright this time, because of the possibility of fraud and the way the media manipulates the votors. But it's still encouraging to see them doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Except the benefits of Brexit equate so far to the square route of zero. Even after appointing a 'Brexit Benefits' minister to find something, anything!

No opportunities or efficiencies have been established. How terribly unsurprising.

Far from being a 'remoaner' I'm a realist and laughed at the gullibility of the so called 'Gammon' who believed the multi millionaire tax dodgers selling them a 'pig in a poke' with a slogan on the side of a bus.

I appear to have been proved correct by the very government that enabled this tremendous case of self inflicted wound.

As for this 'Trump' fixation it's understandable why the same people fooled by Brexit would be easily fooled by his inability to speak truthfully on any subject. And it's always appealing to have someone speak what you want to hear, such a shame it's purely to raise more money from your wallet as he lurches from one court case to another as his decades of criminal activity become apparent after every single 'Disclosure' stage in proceedings, he faces further legal cases like a snowball running downhill. He's unlucky it's not melting faster than his ex lawyer Giuliani's hair dye! That last Gambit of 'Presidential immunity' being thrown out so the USA doesn't end up as a dictatorship with Presidents free to act criminally without redress to protect their democracy from dictatorship.

So a little fun prediction, neither Trump or Biden will win 2024. Trump will be on verge of Bankruptcy probably convicted and face prison if he isn't already inside. Such a situation that would make him very unelectable to the majority of voters. Biden will probably be replaced by the democrats such is his failing health and if it is VP Kamala, she would secure even more votes than Biden by the people disenfranchised by Trump and his comments/policies. The young, the women, the non-white.

If it is still Biden V Trump in 2024 I am reminded of a very prominent Russian commentator who stated 'would you rather vote for the person who forgets what they do (Biden) or the person who doesn't know what they are doing (Trump)' when asked who would Russians prefer in power.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Well, Anon, obviously I disagree with everything you've said here. I think you've mistaken the social and economic sabotage the Deep State has inflicted on our nation as the inevitable consequences of Brexit. It was obvious that such a hatchet job would be framed in such a way. The Northern Ireland border was the most transparent coup, which is why I used the term "spanner in the works". As for Trump, he will overcome this attempt to suppress him using the legal system. He IS different to the others. I expect Biden will run for a second term, even though he was totally incapable of doing so for the first term. There's nobody really viable to replace him. (It's a sign of how desperate they were to begin with when they put him up originally!)