Friday 2 February 2024

Another Fake School Roswell

A few years ago I reported on an incident at a primary school in York in which the pupils, aged five to nine, discovered a crashed flying saucer in their playground. This was a charade staged to inspire an educational role-playing game, see: Now the same has been done at another school, also in York, except this time the stagecraft is far more elaborate. Children arriving for lessons at the Lord Deramore's Primary School were treated to the spectacle of a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship in the school grounds. It was covered by a forensic tent and scientists in NBC suits were picking over the wreckage, looking for alien bodies or technology to back-engineer. These were in fact volunteers from the local Lions International club. The police had sealed off the location with a ribbon and the headmaster was talking on a megaphone, trying to reassure the growing crowd of spectators. Apparently there was green slime leaking out of the craft and that the school's caretaker had been infected with an alien disease when he came into contact with it. He was currently being treated by paramedics in an ambulance. Some of the slime was smeared on the door handles of the school buildings indicating that the aliens had tried to break in. The children quickly saw through it, or at least most them are reported to, and even joked about keeping any alien found as the school pet. The teacher who organized this music hall farce is called Miss Smith; no, that's her real name. She said it had taken months to plan. I dare say it wasn't cheap either, at a time when education authorities are always moaning that they are starved of funds. It involved the police and emergency services. The staged alien invasion was planned to be the start of a "week of creative writing, storytelling and lots of drama." Source: (Thanks for a Facebook friend for bringing this to my attention.)
As with the previous example, I must ask: why is this kind of thing being done in our schools? What are the children being taught and why? I have found other examples in other areas such as Lancashire, Hampshire and Northern Ireland. I wouldn't be surprised if it has been added to the National Curriculum. I'm curious to see if this module spreads to other countries. It seems to be very important that the youngest members of society are exposed to the notion of extraterrestrial intelligence, visits from them and covert UFO crash retrievals. It could be some kind of predictive programming so that the children will react in a certain way if or when the state authorities decide to reveal the presence of an ET intelligence engaging the human race. Whether this is good or bad all depends on whether this is genuine Disclosure or fake Disclosure; the latter being a deeper level of the deception intended to play a new and different role in society. I find it interesting that real incidents similar to the one staged at Lord Deramore's School have occurred, at places like Westall, see: Ruwa, see: and Broad Haven, see: Did they inspire this "creative writing, storytelling and drama" project? At the same time UNICEF are also bringing the alien presence into their publications, see: What's going on?
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