Friday 23 February 2024

The Phantom Postbox Monster of Old Dartford Town

The police in Dartford, Kent are currently investigating a heinous crime. An unknown local artist nicknamed "Danksy" has been decorating the community's pillar-boxes. One has been painted to look like the popular TV character Mr Blobby, one has been sprayed gold and another now looks like a Cadbury Creme Egg. Kent Police are currently on the lookout for somebody who was at large in the area between the 19th to the 21st of February. They warn the public not to approach him, he might be dangerous; instead call the Kent Police's special incident room that they have just set up. Their spokesman said: "A man was arrested on the 13th of February in connection with the gold spray-painting and has since been released on bail until the 4th May while inquiries continue." The locals have mixed feelings about this depravity. Source: Seriously, only in this day and age will the police "make inquiries" into somebody giving a little bit of uniqueness and colour to public property; yet when thugs smash the windows of your house they will just post you the insurance forms and close the case. You might ask why the police and judiciary would prioritize this offence over so many others, others that the public are far more concerned about; but if you ask that question then you have misunderstood the situation. The crimes that concern people the most, that is violence, vandalism and theft, are useful to the establishment because they frighten, depress and demoralize. Criminals who commit those offences are what one of my favourite journalists calls "clients of power", see: I suspect more people approve of "Danksy's" daubs than will admit. Does it brighten up their day? Does it add wonder, hope and curiosity to their lives? Does it make them think for a moment that they are more than just consumers in global factory farm?... Yes, and that is why it has to go. It is very like Jam's garden, see background links below. I think that is why I love Tony Grounds' TV miniseries Gone to Seed so much. It tells the story of an idealistic man who builds a garden centre which inspires and enriches the lives of the local community; "An island of beauty amidst a sea of grey." The man also says: "Making people happy; that's what I'm all about... This place is the jewel in the bobble hat of East London!" And then, in accordance with an all too familiar dark logic, somebody has to come along and "plastickify" it, see: If "Danksy" wants to come to Oxford and try his hand at our own pillarboxes I might be out strolling late and night and come across him with his brush and paints, hurriedly working in the shadows. I'll ask him: "Are you the one who has been painting all the postboxes?" He'll reply: "yeah." with trepidation. I will smile and reply: "I never saw you." and walk on. Just before I turn the corner I shall look back at him and whisper: "Thank you!"
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