Monday 14 November 2022

HPANWO Forum Down

At the time of writing, the HPANWO Forum has been down for three days. This is unprecedented., formerly, has never been the most reliable website. Its servers are pretty temperamental and at least once a week I try to access the HPANWO Forum and get an error message. The issues are always resolved within an hour or two; therefore I wasn't too concerned when it happened on Friday evening. However when the forum was still down the next day I started to wonder why. I went to my admin account and found the above illustrated notification. On my dashboard the forum is still listed, including a row of content notifications, but it also has the words "not published" on its status. I have no idea why this has been done. I've received no correspondence from the host. The best I can do is join the support forum and ask there, which I've done. The "contact us" tab is useless; it doesn't even have an email address. It only accepts inquiries related to security matters, not technical help. So far I've received no reply on the support forum over twenty-four hours after first making a post. It could be that this is the end of the HPANWO Forum; if so then that's not too bad, it can easily be replaced. I'm just annoyed that forum hosts can take action like this without informing the user and offering them no explanation. To check up on progress yourself you can go to the link for the HPANWO Forum in the Links column. I'll leave it there until I know for sure that the Forum is gone and/or if I set up a new one.


Anonymous said...

Captain Robert here hagbard

It looks l icke "they" have shut you down mate

no suprise there then, just like my blog and 10 years worth of info on the old icke forum.


Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Captain. Yes, unfortunately at the moment the Forum is down. I'm looking into getting it restored; if I can't I'll start a new one.

Anonymous said...

If you start a new one I will post on it.

It does not suprise me "they" are shutting things down

they seem to have no empathy the people behind those blogs and forums, just press a button and the info all gone, who runs tapatalk i wonder ?

good job we have infowars to tune into, they are even attacking alex jones, ie trying shut him down etc

on the SGT pepper front, whos in place of crowley ? Klaus Schwab !

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Captain. You're a very dedicated forum poster. Watch the HPANWO Voice homepage because I will post a notice if the old Forum is restored or a new one opened.

Anonymous said...

yeah thanks for that Hagbard, its a pity the forum hosts don't do the same.