Monday 20 September 2021

Betty and Barney Hill- Sixty Years On

The so-called "first ever alien abduction" took place sixty years ago. On the night of the 19th to the 20th of September 1961 Betty and Barney Hill, a couple driving home from a holiday, saw a UFO high in the sky near Indian Head, New Hampshire USA. The craft descended and it revealed itself to have a structure with windows. Behind the windows were humanoid figures looking down on Betty and Barney. The couple suffered missing time and many other symptoms often associated with post-alien abduction syndrome. They reported their experience to the local USAF base and were connected to Project Blue Book. After Betty began suffering regular nightmares both she and her husband underwent hypnotherapy and began describing what happened after the UFO approached them. A group of "men" stopped the car and led the couple away from the road into the woods. The craft they had seen earlier was sitting on the ground and they were escorted aboard by the men, who were quite short with grey skin and blue lips. They wore unusual clothing that looked a bit like a military uniform. The Hills were separated and underwent medical examinations. At one point one of the beings showed Betty a map of stars and pointed to one of them to explain where they came from. The best estimate is that this star is Zeta Reticuli which is about thirty-nine light-years away. Originally Betty was given an alien book as a souvenir, but this was later taken off her. Barney appears to have been semiconscious during the encounter and recalled far fewer details. This is consistent with Betty's report that her husband appeared dazed. Eventually the Hills' stories hit the media and alien abduction was popularized for the first time. Books, news articles and films followed, like this one:
Skeptics claim that this is the origin of the entire alien abduction phenomenon. They point to the huge number of supposed copycat cases that were reported by others following the Hills' publicity. Some skeptics accuse the Hills of concocting a hoax. However, Betty and Barney were not the first alien abductees. Experiences like theirs happened before and can be traced back through time. People used to interpret it as "being spirited away with the fairies" etc, but the details are pretty much the same. The Hills had no motive to make the story up. They were an interracial couple at a time when such relationships were very rare and they had received a lot of hostility from other people. In some of the United States their marriage was not even recognized by law. The last thing they needed was more ridicule. What happened to them, and I assert that it was real, fits so closely with what millions of people around the world have experienced, including some close friends of mine. Barney sadly died in 1969 aged just forty-six, but Betty lived until she was eighty-five in 2004. Shortly before she died she gave her final interview: In this interview she tells the exact same story; her testimony has never changed, indicating that it is a real memory and not something imaginary. Sixty years later, more and more people are coming to grips with the truth. Earth is being visited by an extraterrestrial intelligence and they sometimes approach people personally.

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