Friday 17 September 2021

London American UFO Centre

7 Soho Square, London is a modest, stripped Art Deco office block in the fashionable heart of the West End. Its postcode is W1D 3QE. It faces an elegant park where locals and tourists alike relax and sunbathe, unaware of what is going on behind the building's white walls; which a 2016 newspaper article reveals is something incredible. In 2009 the Ministry of Defence announced the closure of AS-2, the UFO desk made famous by Nick Pope. It is obvious the desk had a major foreign intelligence sharing role which our Americans allies were keen to maintain. They therefore moved into 7 Soho Square and ran their own UFO research unit from there. This included a small British contingent and the outfit continued to report to the UK Ministry. The unit was supervised by a Colonel who visited from the Pentagon at regular intervals. The most interesting part of this Express Online article is: "'There was pressure from a similar unit in the Pentagon which wanted to incorporate the MoD unit,' said a serving military source last night." This has to be the unit now known as the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force. There is no doubt that a serious military role is underway for the staff at 7 Soho Square; and this has become apparent with the establishment more recently of the US Space Force, see: This revelation so interested me that I decided to take a look at the place myself, accompanied by my good friend and comrade Colin Woolford, see this HPANWO TV video at around the nineteen minute mark: As you can see, I tried to gain more information first hand, but didn't succeed. Source: Since then I have discovered that the UFOlogy force at 7 Soho Square has moved out. I don't know when this happened, but it must have been between 2016 and this year. The property is currently listed with estate agents and land management companies, for example see: This begs the question, was the unit disbanded or did it move somewhere else. If the latter, I wonder where it is now.
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