Sunday 26 January 2020

Space Force and the Deep State

Last week saw the inauguration of the first ever commander of the United States Space Force, see here for essential background: There are many theories and possibilities for the true role of the US Space Force and, as I said in the link above, what we're seeing on the surface cannot be the whole story. Since then I've received additional information that might give us a clue. It turns out that the US Executive has in place a contingency plan in the event of a coup d'etat. Obviously this does not surprise me considering the post-2016 political climate in the USA and beyond, see background links for details, but this plan dates back to 1999, the twilight period of the Clinton administration. It allows the president a provisional continuity of government structure that would operate in a separate chain of command should be conventional one be compromised by subterfuge. This is not unlike the Cold War preparations for the event of a nuclear attack which destroys the entire legislative body politic. Indeed this plan has been enacted on several occasions, for example the Cuban Missile Crisis and 9/11. According to a report on Alex Jones' Infowars, this structure has been subverted by the Deep State in its ongoing campaign against President Donald Trump. We see this in the various alleged Russian hacking scandals and the Ukrainian oil company scandal that led to Trump's impeachment. At the same time there is a counter-coup ongoing by the mainstream armed forces and intelligence agencies who are supporting President Trump. This tallies with the information coming out of QAnon posts, see the background links and here for an overview: There are many overt signs of this going on and the Trump administration's drive to repulse it, one of which, according to Infowars, is the Space Force. Just before the recent incident in Iran, see:, Elon Musk's SpaceX launched a US satellite which was actually flying over the Middle East when the drone strike took place. Coincidence? Source: Following the livestream I did in the above link there has been a devlopement. President Trump has played an ingenious manouvre that has defeated his enemies both at home and abroad. He has allowed the Iranians to disengage while saving face, and at the same time derail the Neocons, pro-Israelis and never-Trumpers in the GOP who want all-out global war with Iran. The attack by Iran caused no reported casualties, possibly because the missiles never got off the ground or that the targeted bases were evacuated as a result of intelligence gathered by the satellite. Also there was an internet blackout at the same time in Iran. Could the US Space Force actually be a part of Trump's independent supporters' club?

There is another possibility. I came across another video showing a lecture by Randy Cramer, somebody I've not heard of before. I'm surprised because what he has to say is extraordinary. It matches exactly what I myself have worked out about UFO Disclosure. By far the most likely kind of Disclosure we're going to have, at least initially, is false Disclosure. If the government are unable to suppress the truth about extraterrestrial engagement then they will admit that it exists, but with the proviso that the aliens are actually hostile and plan to destroy us. This is the fake alien invasion scenario which is unfortunately quite plausible. It would not only justify increased internationalism and authoritarianism in the form of a global state of emergency to "save the planet!"; it would also negate most of the credibility obstacles that the government would face. They would be able to say something like: "We didn't want to lie to you for eighty years, but we had to so we could protect you." etc. Source: Indeed, I cover this conundrum in my series of novels, the Roswell trilogy, see: However, Cramer takes the issue one step further and brings up an element that never occurred to me. He believes that a fake alien invasion is actually a beneficial proposal and is even a necessary part of the Disclosure process in order to prevent public panic. In Cramer's model, real Disclosure would occur after a fake alien invasion that also involved a fake response. The whole thing would be a charade to channel public opinion. This would, he believes, mitigate the inevitable instability of the public reaction to the truth about the extraterrestrial presence. Cramer clearly has a very low opinion of his fellow man. I feel very irritated by those who are convinced that public panic would emerge out of anything and everything in any way novel that occurs. I always ask them: "But what about you? Would you panic?" The answer I always receive is: "Oh no! I'd be fine. It's only other people who would panic." After I'd asked a large enough cross section of the population this question I eventually concluded that if everybody thinks everybody else would panic except themselves, then probably very few people in fact would. Cramer also believes that the engineered threat of hostile aliens might be a good way of maintaining world peace, by backstaging differences between warring rival groups on earth; Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland, Muslims and Hindus in India etc. Don't let the light-hearted tone of his speech fool you; Cramer is a true Machiavellian. His strategies are not that different to the terms in which I suspect the Illuminati are themselves talking. Cramer's intentions are clearly humanitarian, but his methods merge almost seamlessly with those he opposes. He claims that he knows from sources inside the Truth Embargo that the very outlook he describes is currently the most popular. The US Space Force might fit into the scheme that Cramer is suggesting. The question is though, for which outcome; his or the Deep State's?  

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