Sunday 12 January 2020

US Navy has More Nimitz Evidence

The United States Navy has made a stunning announcement. Following its statement in September last year that the "Tic-Tac" footage was real government material, see:, it has now revealed that more evidence exists. They said this in reply to a Freedom-of-Information Act request by a researcher called Christian Lambright. It proves that at least one other UFO video from the same encounter exists. It could be that it is the full version of the original clip that was leaked and published by the To the Stars Academy back in 2017, or it may be an entirely separate video, maybe shot from another aircraft. The US government maintains its stance that the objects featured in this evidence are "UAP- Unidentified Aerial Phenomena". They have now added that there exists not only more video, but further evidence in the form of briefing slides. The problem is that this new evidence is all currently classified as Top Secret. The FOIA response does state that the reason for the classification is technical and auxiliary. It seems not to be because of the nature of the content itself; it is because it might reveal information about intelligence gathering methods, sources and other matters whose confidentiality is needed for national security interests. This scoop comes at a good time because just a few weeks ago another pilot, Chad Underwood, came clean about being involved and joins his colleague David Fravor in the list of witnesses to the Nimitz UFO Encounter, see: This story has been widely circulated in the mainstream media, including the inevitable and unavoidable interview with Nick Pope, see: Pope believes that the additional material might include telemetry, data from other sensors and targeting systems that will tell us more about the properties of the UFO. Source: It remains to be seen what happens next. The government have so far not given any indication that the material under discussion will have its classification reviewed in the foreseeable future or at any time in the future. I am filled with curiosity about what it says and so obviously I hope that it will be published soon.

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