Monday 5 December 2022

Alfie's Saucer

The United States has a great tradition of inventors working independently and privately at home; very often from their garden shed, driving their wives and children crazy over their love affair with a machine. Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers fit this profile (inventors of the electric light and audio recorder, and aeroplane respectively). Those pioneers died a long time ago, but their legacy is alive and well today. A lot of "tinkerers", to use the patronizing language of the skeptics, work in the field rejected by mainstream scientists as pointless and nonsensical; free energy, antigravity and perpetual motion. They have a community website, although it has shifted hosts a few times. It is currently here: Alfie Carrington is a bearer of that tradition. He has spent over thirty years designing and building a highly unusual aircraft. It consists of two counter-rotating rings that draw air into the engine chamber which then becomes electrically charged and generates an electrogravitic force for lift and propulsion. Alfie has christened his machine the "XV7H". X means experimental, V for vertical take off and landing, 7 because this is apparently his seventh prototype and H for "hybrid" which is something to do with how it "gathers energy while moving through space". He doesn't like it being referred to as a flying saucer, but that is what it looks like. It has a diameter of fourteen feet and its hull is made of carbon fibre and fibreglass. It appears slightly uneven, as if it is melted plastic, but maybe that's a necessary part of the design. He has two patents on his creation and has founded a company called Vertex Aerospace which he operates from a small garage near his home in Clinton, Michigan USA. So far he has not succeeded in launching the XV7H. However he has been contacted by NASA who showed a lot of interest. They invited them to a conference on new aviation and spacecraft technology. Source: Mr Carrington is not very clear about the details of exactly how this machine works, but he has spent sixty thousand US dollars of his own money on this project which he began at the age of twenty-seven. He is almost at retirement age after working as a dishwasher. He has no scientific or engineering training. It could be that he has discovered a legitimate principle for generating free energy and antigravity, but might lack the technical expertise to make it work. If so then he needs to be wary of negative attention from the oil companies and other "interested parties".
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