Wednesday 16 September 2020

Pope Nun Abuse Confession

For many years now people labelled "crazy conspiracy theorists" have been accusing the Vatican and other churches of covering up their own crimes against humanity. The nature of these crimes is horrific beyond description. One of the most harrowing witnesses is "Sister Charlotte", a nun who spent twenty-two years is a closed order and made a recording of her testimony. Her convent was a prison in which no nun was allowed to leave. Inside this compound the nuns were tortured and beaten by the mother superiors, they were deprived of food, water and sleep; they were continuously raped by priests. Some of the nuns fell pregnant by the priests and when the babies were born they were killed and the bodies thrown into the cellar to rot. Charlotte only left the order by literally climbing over the wall like a convict would. Charlotte's testimony has been analyzed and passes statement analysis tests, see: There is also physical evidence that backs up her story, including the now infamous Bon Secours home in County Galway, Ireland. This holocaust is not confined to Ireland. Kevin Annett has discovered similar gruesome forensic proof in Canada, see background links below. Now, at long last, the Pope has admitted that such atrocities take place and that it is a global problem. He stopped off on his tour of the Middle East to talk about acts of mass-rape at the Community of St Jean convent in France. The rapists were all members of the priesthood and the victims were all nuns. In one case a nun was allegedly raped thirteen times by the same priest. Today the man is a bishop in India and has been arrested; he is currently under investigation. Source: This confession by Pope Francis is welcome, but it cannot end there. In fact it barely scratches the surface. The full truth will eventually emerge and you will see people weeping in the streets! Not only that, but the prophesy of St Malachy will come true, Pope Francis really will be the last pope before the church falls.
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