Saturday 5 September 2020

HS2 Construction Begins

The construction of the railways of HS2 has officially begun. The tracks will now be laid down over a twenty year period beginning with the first phase between London and Birmingham. Source: A team of railway builders will inch across the green Heart of England like an evil caterpillar tearing up the natural world and blasting ancient villages into rubble. Sadly the Prime Minister Boris Johnson failed to block the go-ahead to HS2 despite the project being postponed for a thorough review. There is some comfort in the fact that the ten mile Chilton Tunnel has been re-added to the plan. This will give the landscape a small gap in the ruin. It is not too late for him to put a stop to HS2 if he really tries; because, as I said, the devastation has only just begun and it is repairable at the present moment. However, in a few years the tracks will have ripped the nation so much that it will be all over for those opposing this massive, destructive, pointless waste of money. My own county, Oxfordshire, will be the worst affected. Maybe it will create jobs, but didn't the Gulag Archipelago create lots of jobs for unemployed Russians? There are moral considerations related to employment as well as merely economic and social ones. As I say in the background links, once the construction is over the jobs will vanish. There will be a lot of automation at the stations and the trains may well be driverless. Over the last few days Boris seems to have made a major offensive against the Deep State occupiers of Britain, see: and: Can he push forward enough in the future to call a halt to HS2 before it's too late? Time will tell; but we're running out of it.


Laurence said...

The official HS2 promotional presentations on youtube show the 'H' (of HS2) morphing into a double-tau symbol of Freemasonry. Go to 03:05 in the following video:

High degree freemasons are over-represented in civil engineering, for obvious reasons. Explains a lot, IMO, including this decision.

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

So it does! Good find Laurence. It seems occult symbolism like this leaks into everything, especially when it is destructive.