Saturday 11 April 2020

Area 51 New Build

Some stunning new photographs have been published of Area 51. The secret military test site in Nevada USA is shrouded in almost complete secrecy and everything that goes on there is classified top secret, yet occasionally information leaks out from people like Bob Lazar. The sky immediately above the Groom Lake facility is a no-fly zone, yet there are airways close to the zone that are open temporarily, depending on activity at the base. Last week a private pilot called Gabriel Zeifman was lucky enough to be in the vicinity on one of the days when the airspace was "cold", which means there were no classified air operations were underway; as a result he managed to get as close to the covert base as it is possible to. He took advantage of the opportunity by flying his Cessna 150 light aeroplane as near to the edge of the permanently forbidden zone as he dared and snapping some very clear photographs of the Dreamland area. These revealed a new building under construction. Some researchers have been claiming that operations at Area 51 are winding down as the post-Cold War age enters its fourth decade. They even predict the imminent closure of Area 51. This new development proves them wrong. Area 51 is bustling and thriving. The secret government departments and military-industrial complex companies that run the base still have plans for the nameless estate. I reported in 2015 how a brand new hangar had been built a long way from the main base campus at the far end of its main runway, the longest in the world, see: Now five years later, this latest building is located at the southern segment of the main base and at this stage in its construction it looks like it's going to be a "scoot-and-hide" hangar, one intended to give the vehicle inside it speedy and discreet access to the runway. Source: As with everything at Area 51, nobody knows exactly what the new building is for; but when it is finished it will be huge, about 450 feet across with a floor-plan of three acres. This will make it by far the biggest part of Area 51. If it is a hangar then the aircraft it is designed for must be very large, unless it's meant for multiple smaller aircraft. It is right next to the new centre taxiway, a new route laid down in 2003 so aircraft can move on the ground between the hangars and the runways. This would make sense if the hangar was intended to be used by a secret aircraft that needed to get to and from the runways as quickly and quietly as possible, out of sight of any base personnel not authorized to know about the project. Unlike the 2015 hangar, there doesn't seem to be a safety concern with this one. Possibly because the vehicle inside is an antigravity one needing no fuel, or because it runs off normal aviation petroleum. These days Area 51 is not as secluded as it used to be. The early researchers, pre-Lazar, had to rely on telephoto lenses and leaked Russian Soviet satellite photographs, but today the base is more visually accessible from certain locations and the air; despite the annexation of "Freedom Ridge". It is also widely discussed in the mainstream and has penetrated deep into popular culture in a variety of ways. There is also the Treaty of Open Skies which means today the Russians can fly reconnaissance aircraft directly above the heart of Area 51 so long as they don't fly too low. However, it is obvious that the management of the secret base are not overly concerned about the confidentiality of their current construction projects, otherwise they would never have allowed Mr Zeifman to fly as close as he did.


Simon said...

Ben, i read somewhere that two porters from the JRH have died from C-19. Maybe you need to investigate. Thanks. Simon

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

I have, Simon, yes. I can't say too much right now except, obviously, I'm very sad. Check the HPWA blog for more upcoming information.