Wednesday 22 November 2023

Crazy Plane Lady Update 2

Tiffany Gomas has once again broken her intermittent silence, this time in another exclusive interview with Inside Edition. This was carried out at her home in Grand Prairie, next to the airport where she had her experience. She tells the reporter that it was "the worst moment of my entire life." She didn't go out for four weeks because of feeling ashamed and embarrassed. She reveals that she was on her way to a family holiday in Florida when she flew into a rage. However the only other detail she provides is one we've already heard, that another passenger stole her wireless earbuds and she lost her temper. She then attempts to explain the strange things she said as nothing more than a "figure of speech". When asked about why she felt the aircraft was in danger she said it was simply as a result of her altercation and declined to elaborate because of "legal reasons". She says she loves to travel, but then it is revealed she has now been banned from American Airlines; one wonders why it took them this long. She seems keen to show the reporter around her voluminous house. Source: The revelations in this very brief interview make no sense. They do not meet the necessary testimonial weight for what happened to her on that day in June. Her body language is shifty and evasive. She noticeably leans back, away from the reporter and the camera. Her hands in are in a typical defensive position, clasped in front of her crotch. I don't believe her story at all. What's more she seems to be using her marketing skills on herself right now with this new website in which she describes herself as a "viral personality", see: Clearly she understands the potential of social media infamy, but it still leaves us all in the dark about what she really saw on that plane.
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Anonymous said...

She also appeared on the Jesse Watters Fox show - and just like your Youtube clip - made absolutely no sense what-so-ever and looked very, very uncomfortable. Just repeated 'altercation', 'legal reasons', etc. The whole thing smells beyond fishy!!! By the look of her house, jewellery, clothes, etc., I'm wondering if she's been paid to keep her mouth very shut!?

Here's the 3 min clip from Bitchute (in case you haven't seen it)...

p.s. I liked your recent stint co-hosting The Paranormal Peepshow!!! :-)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Thanks, Anon. We're recording a new PPS next week.
I don't know exactly how successful her marketing and advertizing business is. It could be she earned the money for her palatial pile honestly. Either way, she is not being honest about her experience. She seems to want to milk the mystery as well right now, which is annoying.

Anonymous said...

Yes, for someone who 'stayed in her house hiding' for (apparently) over a month(ish) - it changes depending on the interview -, she seems very un-camera shy now. Yet still unable to put together an even mildly plausible explanation for her über bizarre behavior. As it happens, I have fairly good facial pattern recognition, and I am still not 100% sure she is even the same person as the one on the plane? Be interesting to see how much longer this psi-op style charade continues?

Changing subjects more than a little bit, thoughts on Rich A H@ll's latest offering (Table For Tw0)?, as I can't help thinking Mr Hibbert's un-reliable memory of events has some similarity to our mystery woman's - just saying?

p.s. Look forward to the next PPS!
p.p.s. Apologies for being Anon - but we are friends on FB :-)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Hi Anon. It's okay. I think I know who you are; you sound familiar :-)
She said she was scared to go out for 6 weeks in that interview. That's two extra weeks!
It could be she's more than one person. It's hard to tell because she uses a lot of makeup and it good at applying it.

I've written an article on this blog the other day about Richard's "Table for Two".

Hope you enjoy the next PPS. Thanks for tuning in.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about your 'Table for Two' blog - thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out now!

On reflection, I think I might've first come across you when you were a guest on Rich Hall's (groundbreaking) show about 10-ish+ years ago? You know, back in the so called 'Good old days!' LOL. Oh, how things have changed since then! But on the plus side I suppose, there's never a dull moment now! :-)

Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

Those were indeed the good old days! Yes I feel nostalgia, but it's true, today is anything but dull!