Wednesday 29 November 2023

CIA Does Roswells

The Daily Mail has just published yet another UFO story with extraordinary implications. According to their research, the US Central Intelligence Agency has a special unit that travels all across the world salvaging the debris from crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft. Multiple sources have informed the newspaper that the CIA has a "system in place" ready whenever a UFO appears. They have dealt with at least nine incidents across the world since 2003. They even have a method for discerning when UFO's are still "cloaked", invisible to the naked eye. They have two "non-human" artefacts that are completely intact. This sounds very like the NATO organization detailed in this Richplanet show: The unit has a name that is both strangely banal and Orwellian at the same time: the Office of Global Access. This is a division of the Science and Technology Directorate, which is actually not part of the CIA, it's part of the Department of Homeland Security; not that there's that much of a difference these days. Its official role is in biological and electronic warfare; it has a facility at Plum Island and its replacement in Kansas. There is no mention of the OGA on its public website though so it is probably a black budget setup. The Mail's three sources all spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals. It is possible they are some of the same insiders David Grusch has been interviewing, see: This revelation has come at a time when the NDAA 2024, the so called "UAP Disclosure act", is due to pass into law, see: Source:
The OGA's reach includes the ability to perform operations behind enemy lines in hostile countries, indicating that there is some kind of global policy in place that most if not all nations comply with, even if they are antagonistic towards the United States and locked in conflict with it. The resulting research projects are outsourced, something else I've always thought, see: The author Jeffrey T. Richelson has written a book called The US Intelligence Community in which he mentions the OGA, except the book was published in 1985, long before 2003, so the OGA must be older than the article says. The book does not mention UFO crashes, but says the OGA did more conventional find-and-secure missions to recover material from enemy countries. It was set up be somebody called Doug Wolfe; any relation to Karl? The sources said some of the people involved in the research may not even realize they are dealing with non-human technology due to the intense security and compartmentalization of information. This ties in with what Dr Irena Scott said about the Battelle Memorial Institute and Wright-Patterson AFB, see: At the moment there is an attempt to revise the NDAA in order to make it less powerful. The congress people behind the attack all had their campaigns funded by the military-industrial complex. Are these secret sources trying to slip information out around this barricade of counterDisclosure? Ross Coulthart has warned that it may be better for the government to come clean now or risk a "catastrophic leak", one that will cause an "uncontrolled Disclosure" consisting of decisive media scoops. This will put them on the back foot and cause worse post-Disclosure chaos, see: However, that might be the only way to get the job done; in which case, I say go for it. The alternative means a continuation of the Truth Embargo which is infinitely worse.
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